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Advantages of Veracode’s white box testing tools

White box testing tools from Veracode enable you to:

  • Automate testing throughout the SDLC and across your software portfolio.
  • Reduce the cost of application security by finding and fixing flaws at the most cost-efficient point in the development process.
  • Avoid the capital expense of deploying in-house white box testing tools.
  • Combine white box testing tools with dynamic application security testing assessment, or DAST assessment, for a comprehensive gray box testing solution.
  • Scale easily from testing a handful of software products to scanning thousands of applications as needed.

White Box Testing Tools

Secure web applications faster with white box testing tools.

White box testing tools, also known as a static analysis solutions, are an essential part of securing web applications. Where a black box analysis seeks to find flaws in software from the outside as a typical attacker would, a white box test looks for vulnerabilities with an insider’s view, analyzing source code to find semantic errors or structural problems in the application.

At a time when applications are the #1 attack vector, white box testing tools are more important than ever. More than 63% of applications today contain a critical security flaw such as those included in the OWASP Top 10 list of common vulnerabilities. Yet many organizations find it hard to put

white box security measures in place, as white box testing tools can be costly, hard to manage, and a drag on aggressive software development timelines.

Veracode offers an innovative alternative. Combining white box testing tools with dynamic analysis and other testing technologies, Veracode lets you seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate application testing into every phase of development.

Automated white box testing tools from Veracode

Veracode is a global leader in application security solutions, providing a unified platform with comprehensive cloud-based services for testing web, mobile, desktop and back-end software. By making it easy to integrate testing throughout the software development lifecycle – from inception through production – Veracode lets you move forward with confidence in the applications you build, purchase and assemble.

Veracode’s white box testing tools enable you to scan software for flaws and vulnerabilities quickly and easily. With Veracode’s on-demand testing service, you don’t need to purchase, deploy or manage an on-premise solution – you simply submit code via an online portal and get results back in a matter of hours. With each submission, you get accurate results prioritized based on severity, so your team can address the most significant threats first. And because our white box testing tools analyze binaries rather than source code, you can submit code from third-party software as well as in-house applications.

Learn moreabout white box testing tools from Veracode, and about Veracode solutions for data loss protection.

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