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Making your SDLC agile and secure

While the agile software development lifecycle, or agile SDLC, can deliver applications with greater speed, balancing security with SDLC agile processes has traditionally been a challenge. Technology for finding and fixing vulnerabilities in software has traditionally been complicated and time-consuming to administer, putting the brakes on accelerated agile sprints. Agile testing has often been relegated to the later stages of the development process when fixing flaws is more costly.

To improve security in the SDLC agile framework, developers need to simple-to-use tools that can be easily integrated into their workflow and that provide an agile testing process that won’t hinder their momentum. Superior agile security solutions must also embrace automation in the same way that the SDLC agile methodologies have incorporated automated processes.

That’s where Veracode comes in. With cloud-based, on-demand testing services, Veracode can help to significant streamline and improve secure web application development in the SDLC agile model.

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Secure your SDLC agile process with Veracode.

Veracode provides application security services to protect the software that powers business and innovation. Unified on a central platform, Veracode’s comprehensive SaaS-based services help to identify and remediate flaws in software throughout the SDLC agile process, from inception through production.

With no hardware or software to purchase and maintain, Veracode enables development teams to ramp up quickly and see results on day one. Developers can upload code via an online platform at any point during the SDLC agile sprint. Results are returned within a matter of hours, prioritized by Veracode experts to help developers target the most severe vulnerabilities first. Because testing happens during the coding stage instead of a separate security hardening sprint, developers don’t have to switch contexts in order to resolve security issues in code they wrote weeks or months ago. The result is an SDLC agile process that is both faster and more secure.

Veracode’s solutions for the SDLC agile process

Veracode’s testing services for SDLC agile development include:

  • Static Analysis, a testing service that scans binaries to provide a white box security solution, with the ability to quickly identify vulnerabilities in software that is developed, purchased or assembled.
  • Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan, a tool that runs in the background while developers are coding and provides immediate feedback to help identify and fix flaws in software as it is being written.
  • Software Composition Analysis, a service that analyzes open source components.
  • Vendor application Security Testing, a tool for evaluating the security of third-party applications without requiring access to the source code.


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