Agile SDLC

Adding security to the agile SDLC

While an agile software development lifecycle (agile SDLC) can dramatically increase the pace of development, many development teams have difficulty balancing the needs of SDLC security testing in an agile framework. Traditional methods and processes for identifying vulnerabilities and fixing flaws are often time-consuming and work against the benefits of short agile sprints. To effectively inject security into the agile SDLC, developers need a new set of tools that can accelerate the SDLC and agile development rather than slowing it down.

To be effective, agile testing must be continuous, just as the agile methodology is based on continuous development. Rather than leaving testing to a later stage – when fixing flaws takes place long after the developer has written the code – testing in the agile SDLC must happen soon after or even during coding. And just as automation is essential to the agile SDLC, agile security tools must be automated as well in order to keep pace with development.

For companies seeking to improve security in the agile process, Veracode provides a suite of solutions designed to improve the quality and the speed of testing in the agile SDLC.

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Secure your agile SDLC with Veracode.

Veracode provides application security solutions and services for a software-driven world. Veracode’s unified platform helps organizations evaluate and increase the security of applications from inception to production so they can confidently innovate with the applications they buy, build and assemble.

Veracode’s combination of automation, speed and process are perfect for the agile SDLC. Veracode’s solutions for the agile testing process can seamlessly integrate into any stage of development to find and fix problems in coding where it’s most cost-efficient to do so. By making testing and security an integral part of the agile SDLC, Veracode enables development teams to achieve security goals while meeting accelerated development timelines.

Comprehensive testing tools for the agile SDLC

Veracode’s testing tools for the agile SDLC include:

  • Static Analysis Security Testing – white box testing tools that can analyze major frameworks and languages, delivering remediation advice that lets development teams write more secure code.
  • Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan – a tool that works in your IDE to identify and fix issues in seconds, even as code is being written.
  • Software Composition Analysis - a tool for building an inventory of open source components and identifying vulnerabilities in open source and commercial code.

Learn more about securing the agile SDLC with Veracode and about tools for performing an application control audit.

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