Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Detect Open-Source Vulnerabilities With Higher Accuracy

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Why Veracode Software Composition Analysis?

Veracode Software Composition Analysis Makes It Easy To ...

Test Immediately in Your Development Environment

Launch scans right from the command line for fast feedback in the pipeline and IDE. See and fix code errors earlier in the Software Development Life Cycle.

Reduce Fix Time From Hours to Minutes

Auto-remediation capabilities prescribe intelligent fixes, generate auto-pull requests, and minimize disruption for higher accuracy and faster fix rates.  

Automate Open-Source Policy and Governance

Easily manage your open-source usage with continuous monitoring, extensive analytics, and flexible policies.

We have well over 1000 deployments a month, but our developers became so efficient that scans went from sixteen minutes to less than six minutes.

Lucas de Souza Bernardes

Director of Data, Security, and Operational Risks, Inter

“A Strong Contender for the Forrester SCA Wave Q3 2021”

In the latest Forrester Software Composition Analysis (SCA) Wave report, Veracode is recognized as “a strong choice for customers that are most interested in remediating vulnerabilities in open-source components.” 

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View the Analyst Report: Forrester Report: Build a Developer Security Champions Program


Fix Advisor

Get remediation insights, prioritize fixes based on multiple dimensions, and more.

Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

Generate SBOM for an inventory of open-source components in CycloneDX format.

Dependency Graphs

Identify direct and indirect vulnerabilities to prioritize those in the execution path.

Automate Policy Enforcement

Create code quality gates with custom policy management.

Auto-Pull Requests

Auto-pull requests automatically update to the best fix for your code.

Reporting & Analytics

Cross-risk analytics, vulnerability and legal risk results, peer benchmarking, and auditable mitigation workflows.

Auto-Generate Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

Generate SBOM exports for full insight into your software supply chain. Veracode SCA enables users to generate a CycloneDX export, making it easy to integrate SBOM exports into the software development lifecycle.

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Prioritize Vulnerabilities

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