Veracode Static Analysis

Veracode Static Analysis

Secure Code in Every Phase of Development

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Confidently Create Innovative Software

Today, application layer attacks are the most frequent pattern in confirmed data breaches. Current application security solutions can be difficult for overworked security teams to manage and scale, don’t empower developers to fix security issues, and only find certain software vulnerabilities.

But with Veracode, your biggest catalyst for change doesn’t have to be your biggest source of vulnerability. We are the leading AppSec partner for confidently and efficiently creating secure software that moves your business, and the world, forward.

Empower Your Developers to Fix, Not Just Find, Vulnerabilities

You need a holistic, scalable way to reduce security risk, align teams, and enable developers.

Veracode Static Analysis provides fast, automated feedback to developers in the IDE and CI/CD pipeline, conducts a full Policy Scan before deployment, and gives clear guidance on how to find, prioritize, and fix issues fast.

Real-Time Security Feedback

Reduce flaws introduced in new code by up to 60 percent with IDE Scan. 

Empower developers to remediate faster through positive reinforcement and just-in-time learning.

Make security a natural, seamless part of your development lifecycle without sacrificing speed or innovation.

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Rapid Results in the Pipeline

With a median scan time of 90 seconds, it’s easy to break the build if new security issues are found.

Pipeline Scan runs on every build, providing security feedback on code at a team level.

Meet developers’ DevSecOps requirements so that they can fix flaws quickly in the pipeline without halting production.

Low False-Positive Rate With No Tuning Required

With a false-positive rate of less than 1.1 percent, developers can focus on coding, with minimal distraction.

Veracode’s native cloud engine delivers reliable and accurate results – based on years of expertise and trillions of lines of code scanned.

Other tools can require up to eight hours of tuning per application.

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Seamless Integration With Developer Tools

Integrating Veracode Static Analysis with developer tools is easy, including more than 30 out-of-the box integrations, plus APIs and code samples to support continuous scanning in any environment.

Find, Prioritize, and Fix Issues Faster

Veracode customers achieve a 70 percent higher fix rate due to our focus on fixing, not just finding, vulnerabilities.

Understand which security issues are high impact and easy to fix to prioritize efforts.

Tap into automated advice, structured training, and one-on-one consultations.

Enable developers to fix multiple vulnerabilities with a single code change.

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Simplify Compliance

Satisfy government regulations and customer requirements — at scale

Audit With Ease

  • With Policy Scan, get a full code assessment and complete an audit trail in just eight minutes.
  • Developers can preview compliance in a sandbox before promoting the scan to policy.

    Clear Pass/Fail Results Against a Policy

    • Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, with full application assessments before deployment.
    • Minimize integration points, enable security teams to make faster, more confident decisions, and improve security posture.

    Robust Reporting

    • Generate reports and analytics across all assessment types with just a click.
    • Maintain a complete and continuous view of your application risk landscape from a single platform.

    Application Security That Scales With Your Business

    As your DevSecOps program expands and testing demands grow, Veracode’s cloud-native SaaS solution scales with you.

    Comprehensive Support – For Today and Tomorrow

    Support for more than 25 programming languages for desktop, web, and mobile applications.

    Support across 100 industry frameworks – with new technologies added regularly.

    Integrate Veracode directly into existing bug tracking systems to protect and maximize your security investments.

    Reduce New Flaws by 79%

    With Veracode Static Analysis, a large technology firm was able to reduce the number of new flaws introduced into its master branch by 79 percent.

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