Veracode Customer Success Packages

Build, Mature, and Scale Impactful AppSec Programs

AppSec Tools Are Only Part of the Equation

A successful AppSec program requires more than just tools. You need strategic guidance – based on years of experience and industry leadership – to help you effectively engage the business, build winning teams, cultivate security champions, and mature required capabilities.

Your Comprehensive Guide to AppSec Success

We’re committed to making secure software your competitive advantage. Veracode Customer Success Packages (CSPs) are designed to help you do just that.

We offer actionable best practices, drawing on experience with more than 2,500 global customers, analysis of trillions of lines of code, and lessons learned from tens of millions of flaws fixed – and counting.

Define Your AppSec Program

  • Access the tools, resources, and expertise you need to ensure AppSec success from the start.

  • Get prescriptive guidance on architecting a program that aligns with business goals, from risk reduction to compliance readiness.

  • Map progress to a formalized governance framework in conjunction with internal milestones.

Tap Into Unmatched Experience

Build, Mature, and Scale Impactful AppSec Programs by Accessing: 

  • The expertise of the world’s leading AppSec experts.

  • Hands-on support with SDLC integration.

  • Robust developer training.

  • Measurement and monitoring support to help you demonstrate program success.

Embed DevSecOps in Your Pipeline

  • Enable powerful DevSecOps practices with expert guidance for SDLC, AppSec programming, integrations, and key metrics.

  • Ensure your AppSec program is consistently on track, optimized, and maturing to support new innovations and use cases.

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Empower Developers to Fix What They Find

  • Achieve a fix rate greater than 70 percent with Veracode’s focus on fixing – not just finding.

  • Get education that empowers developers to address issues quickly and autonomously, from automated advice to structured training, and one-on-one consultations to review source code.

  • Focus on your AppSec program, not your infrastructure, with our cloud-native solution.

Reduce New Flaw Introductions

  • Get insights on flaw types prevalent in specific development environments and recommendations on targeted, relevant training courses.

  • Reduce flaws introduced in new code by 60 percent by pairing automated security feedback with near real-time delivery through IDE Scan.

Cultivate Security Champions

With a security champion, an organization can make up for a lack of security coverage or skills by empowering a member of the development team to act as a force multiplier who can pass on security best practices, answer questions, and raise security awareness.

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