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Agile security is a must for software development

While software development teams have often seen a conflict between Agile methods and secure development, agile security is the only way to ensure the long-term viability of software projects.

In the past, testing for application security defects seemed incongruent with the fast pace of the Agile process. The competing demands of speed and security meant that many developers frequently took shortcuts, securing internal development, for example, while leaving vendor, mobile and open source applications exposed.

But software that is not secure ultimately creates problems for both the vendor and the customer. And with the advent of highly effective agile security technology, today teams can focus on speed and security at the same time.

The key to agile security is to include testing as part of the development process, and to do it without missing deadlines or grinding deliveries to a halt. That’s where Veracode can help.

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Agile Security Solutions from Veracode

Veracode offers a smarter approach to agile security. As a subscription-based service, we combine a powerful cloud-based platform with deep security expertise and best practices to help you deliver more secure code with every release.

With Veracode’s solution for agile security, development teams upload code to Veracode’s cloud-based service for static application security testing at various points during a sprint. Once the code has been assessed, the results can be downloaded to the development environment and developers can fix any vulnerabilities before check in. By identifying and remediating vulnerabilities during the coding phase instead of a separate security hardening sprint, developers don’t need to switch context in order to address security issues in code that was written weeks or months ago. The result is a testing process that actually increases velocity while ensuring the security of the products being developed and shipped.

Features of agile security with Veracode

Veracode’s agile security service integrates with the systems you already use to provide:

  • Accuracy. Veracode Static and Dynamic Analysis Security Testing tools provide accurate and actionable detection of vulnerabilities. Detailed line-of-code level results help you find and fix problems fast, so you can spend less time worrying about code compliance and false positives and more time moving verified applications into production.
  • Automation. With Veracode, all test procedures are automated and execute routinely as a standard step in the build process.
  • Speed. We complete 80% of static scans within four hours and more than 90% of scans are completed within a day.
  • Actionable results. Our security experts provide your team with step-by-step guidance to understand, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities. You’ll never get a list of unclear test results that raise more questions than answers.
  • Integrations. Veracode solution offers APIs and plug-ins to integrate our agile security tools to your software development lifecycle. Your developers will never have to interrupt coding to open a separate testing system.

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