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More than half of all breaches come through business applications, but only 10% of enterprises test all their critical apps. Why? Because traditional, on-premise approaches to application security slow down time-to-market.

That’s where we come in — offering a simpler and more scalable way to increase the resiliency of your global application infrastructure, without slowing innovation.

CA Veracode Greenlight

Instant scanning for developers – right in the IDE.

Find security defects in your code in seconds. Scan code as you write, and get in-context remediation guidance – so you can fix flaws right in your IDE, at the speed of DevOps.

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CA Veracode Developer Sandbox

Evaluate code against policy before check-in.

Give developers the freedom to assess new code against security policy, without affecting compliance for the entire application. So you can find and fix more flaws early in development, where it’s most effective.

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CA Veracode Static Analysis

Assess your integrated applications for policy compliance.

Ensure the code you write, buy, or assemble meets compliance, from a single platform. Our SaaS-based model allows you to assess applications across a broad range of languages and frameworks, without the need for source code.

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CA Veracode Software Composition Analysis

Identify and eliminate risk in open source components.

Speed up development, without the downside risk of open source vulnerabilities. CA Veracode Software Composition Analysis helps you quickly identify vulnerable components, using the same scan you’ve set up for static analysis. 

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CA Veracode Dynamic Analysis

Find & fix vulnerabilities across all of your web applications

CA Veracode Dynamic Analysis is a unified Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solution that helps you quickly find and fix exploitable vulnerabilities in your web applications that static testing alone may miss. CA Veracode Dynamic Analysis combines depth of coverage with unmatched scalability, scanning speed, and accuracy to provide you with a powerful scanning solution.

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CA Veracode Developer Training

Boost developer skills with instructor-led and on-demand tutorials.

Empower developers, testers, and security leads with the critical skills they need to identify, address, and prevent potential vulnerabilities.

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