The Veracode Solution

The Veracode Solution

Veracode empowers organizations to confidently develop software by reducing the
risk of security breach through comprehensive analysis, developer enablement, and
AppSec governance. Our expertise is based on analyzing customer programs for over a decade, and our powerful SaaS model delivers a better, more scalable service at a lower cost.

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Veracode Application Analysis

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Veracode is the only solution that can provide visibility into application status across all testing types, including SAST, DAST, SCA, and manual penetration testing, in one centralized view. We help organizations overcome DevSecOps challenges with a unique combination of automated application analysis in the pipeline and expertise for developers and security professionals – all delivered through a scalable SaaS platform.

Veracode application analysis tools cover web and mobile apps, as well as microservices, in most major programming languages and frameworks. Plus, development teams can easily and rapidly automate analysis in the pipeline with Veracode Integrations.

With the right solution for each stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), Veracode ensures the software applications that companies build and buy, and the third-party components they use, are secure.

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Developer Enablement

Nearly 70 percent of developers say their organization doesn’t provide adequate training in security. Yet, there is only one team that can fix security findings: the development team.

Veracode’s automated security tools deliver fast, accurate, and reliable results without the noise of false positives. With tools, API and workflow integrations, and tips for fixing vulnerabilities when they are found, developers can make security a seamless part of the development lifecycle.

Focus on Fixing, Not Just Finding

Reduce remediation time from 2.5 hours to 15 minutes. Whether it’s instant feedback while coding, or training that lets developers exploit real apps, our automated, peer, and expert guidance helps to significantly scale DevSecOps.

Reduce Introduction of New Flaws

With Veracode, developers get feedback in the IDE in seconds as they are writing code, so they can learn on the job. This reduces flaws introduced in new code by 60 percent. Veracode’s program managers also advise teams on flaw types prevalent in particular development teams, suggesting targeted training courses to further reduce new flaws.

Embed DevSecOps in the Pipeline

Integrate Veracode with the development pipeline and security systems you already use and know to get automated security feedback right in the pipeline. Explore the full list of Veracode Integrations here.

Expand Developers’ Skills and Mature Your AppSec Program

With Veracode's personalized, all-encompassing learning experience for developers, organizations identify and fix flaws earlier, bring security closer to the development process, and lower the cost of expensive security flaw remediation.

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AppSec Governance

A successful AppSec program requires more than just tools. Organizations need strategic guidance on effectively defining, launching, scaling, and reporting on their program.

With the right mix of support and services, Veracode helps organizations move toward a mature AppSec program to protect the application layer and confidently reduce the risk of security breach. Based on years of experience and industry leadership, we empower security teams to:

Define clear AppSec program policies and goals for improving security posture and meeting compliance requirements of customers and regulators.

Demonstrate the value of AppSec and effectively engage each stakeholder group.

Easily assess applications across multiple industry standards (NIST, PCI, OWASP, HIPAA, GDPR, NY DFS, and more), gain centralized visibility into gaps, and consistently enforce security policies across the organization.

Scale DevSecOps through proven best practices and capture the right metrics to demonstrate the positive impact of the program.

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Let us help you develop software with confidence.

Veracode is the most trusted and advanced SaaS application security solution – and it’s only getting better. We use the learnings from every customer interaction to make our results even faster and better for the next customer. Don’t take our word for it; see this powerful application security solution in action.