Veracode Dynamic Analysis

Veracode Dynamic Analysis

Find runtime vulnerabilities in web apps and APIs

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Veracode’s Dynamic API scanning has saved our teams many hours of remediation work by isolating high severity vulnerabilities and providing assurance that our APIs are secure before they are integrated into larger applications.

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Scan hundreds of web applications and APIs, simultaneously


Our powerful dynamic analysis engine crawls and audits hundreds of target applications simultaneously, improving performance and time to results

Scan web apps or APIs from a single interface

Purpose-built API UI eliminates scan tool re-training

Schedule scans for specific time windows

Easily configure authentication for web applications and APIs

Respond with Context and Confidence

Identify & fix critical runtime vulnerabilities that are prime targets for a breach


Orchestrate pre-release or post-production scans

Scan applications and APIs, behind a firewall

Examine the exploit path, technical risk, and CVSS score

Leverage production-safe, real-world methods to surface web app, API and configuration vulnerabilities

Escape the scan “noise” and focus on fixing what matters


Low false-positive rate allows focus on remediating what’s critical

Get detailed remediation guidance for web applications and APIs

No PDFs! Tickets in JIRA with fix recommendations

Focus on Fixing

Continuously monitor security posture with visibility into your organization’s web applications and APIs


 Veracode Dynamic Analysis empowers security teams to:

Manage risk with rich data across the organization's entire set of operational web and API applications

Harness powerful automation or batch uploads to scan numerous applications at once, eliminating costly manual reviews

Roll-up reporting by business units, teams, and individual applications to see deficiencies and trends

Launch scans from tools they use every day

Scan non-public applications


Scan internal web applications and APIs without deploying heavy on-premise appliances

Scan critical web applications and APIs in staging or test environments

Maintain complete control over the gateway and your environment

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