Veracode Dynamic Analysis (DAST)​

Build Fast.
Build Secure.​

Rapidly Find and Fix Runtime Vulnerabilities in Web Apps and APIs from a Single Platform​

Set Up in Minutes​

Modern software development prioritizes tight deadlines. The demand is for faster releases, without introducing vulnerabilities.​

Align Priorities​

Balancing speedy development with security is the challenge. Security testing needs to work and scale within your DevOps speed and release frequency.

Empower the Team

Finding vulnerabilities earlier in the development lifecycle helps bridge the gap between development and security teams.​

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Veracode is Trusted by 2,500 Companies Globally ​


Find Vulnerabilities Faster with Rapid, Resilient Scans ​

Run security tests faster than before – near-instant, actionable results and a <5% false positive rate helps you fix runtime vulnerabilities at speed. Integrate security seamlessly into your pipeline - within 10 minutes. Deploy new features quicker, without disruption, and with peace of mind. ​

Scan with More Control to Meet Your Objectives

Automate or schedule scans with flexible scan parameters and granular scan control to better align with your priorities. Whether a light-weight or in-depth scan, for a single web application or hundreds, you can conduct dynamic scans aligned with your release frequency.​

Secure Your Web Applications & APIs at Scale​

Scan hundreds of assets simultaneously - including pre-production and staging environments behind your firewall. Identify critical runtime vulnerabilities before they become targets. Scale with a powerful, cloud-native engine that continually improves scan and audit capabilities. ​

Bridge the Gap Between Security & Developers​

Leverage a single platform to unite teams and spot vulnerabilities earlier in the development process - and achieve compliance faster. Insights, analytics and industry-level benchmarking help you improve your DevSecOps program.​

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Web Applications Have Critical Vulnerabilities That Only Dynamic Analysis Can Find​

DAST Finds Vulnerabilities that Cannot be Discovered with Static Analysis (SAST) or Software Composition Analysis (SCA)​

Start Scanning in Minutes​

  • Scan your web apps and APIs in 3 easy steps​
  • Launch rapid, on-demand scans earlier in development​
  • Integrate with ease into your current dev-stack​
  • Boost scanning with modularity, customization, and resilience​
  • Receive near-instant, actionable results​


Dynamically Scan at Scale​

  • Scan hundreds of web apps and APIs simultaneously​
  • Escape the scan noise and focus on what matters with <5% false-positive results​
  • View scans alongside other security tests, providing multi-faceted insights into your security program. ​
  • Continuously monitor your security posture and trends​
  • Manage risk with rich data across web apps and APIs


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Secure Your Web Apps & APIs at Speed with Dynamic Technology that Brings Teams Together