Veracode Dynamic Analysis

Veracode Dynamic Analysis

Secure Web Applications at Scale

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Web Applications Are the No. 1 Source of Breach

Software is key to your organization’s digital transformation strategy. Attackers know this and target web applications as a fast track to sensitive data.

Protecting your web applications in high-speed QA and production cycles is paramount, but developers don’t have time to manage multiple on-premises scanning tools or interpret complex reports.

Teams need a way to automatically and consistently scan web applications at scale and tap into deep analytics to understand the entire web attack surface. Veracode Dynamic Analysis helps you focus on managing risk, not scans.


Reduce Risk Across Your Web Application Landscape

Veracode Dynamic Analysis empowers you to scan your web applications, find exploitable vulnerabilities, and address issues immediately. The ability to test thousands of applications simultaneously, together with highly accurate results and comprehensive remediation guidance, helps you reduce your risk of breach.

We enable a shift-left approach to AppSec testing by verifying that vulnerabilities have been addressed, testing for configuration issues, and identifying applications that may have missed SDLC processes – all before your applications are released into production.

Get Highly Accurate, Reliable, and Complete Results Every Time

Harness powerful automation or batch uploads to scan numerous applications at once, eliminating costly manual reviews.

With a false-positive rate of less than 1 percent, developers can focus on critical tasks without unwanted distractions.

With Veracode Discovery, get actionable insights into your web application perimeter and maintain a complete view of your risk landscape.


Respond With Context and Confidence

Get actionable data on crawl path, request, and response, and understand how an application would respond to an attack and where vulnerabilities exist – so you can make informed decisions.

Empower developers and boost their coding skills with easy-to-follow remediation advice.

Move at DevOps speed while reducing costs and scaling your AppSec program.

Scan Non-Public Applications

There are many reasons for an application to live behind a firewall, whether it is still in the development process waiting for test and quality assurance checks, is used for more sensitive financial operations or HR purposes, or is only used internally.

Internal Scanning Management empowers you to scan mission-critical applications that live behind the firewall, and apply dynamic testing to applications in the staging environment before they are pushed into production.

Internal Scanning Management runs in the cloud and is connected to an endpoint deployed in your environment, giving you complete control of the gateway and your environment.

Scan and See Everything

Manage your entire AppSec program in a single cloud-native SaaS platform, including static analysis, dynamic testing, software composition analysis, interactive analysis, and manual penetration testing.

Gain a centralized view of application security risk to simplify AppSec governance.

Easily integrate Veracode with the development, security, and risk-tracking tools you already use to automate scanning and reporting.

Integrate Seamlessly Into the Build Process

Integrate Veracode Dynamic Analysis into build systems like Jenkins so developers can focus on delivery, not scheduling scans.

Take advantage of APIs to enable automatic scanning in staging or production.

Quickly find and remediate risks when new vulnerabilities are discovered in open source components already in use.


Ensure Full Coverage With Easy Application Authentication

Set up automated scans behind login screens and configure scans to meet your customized requirements.

Get on-demand advice from our experts whenever you need it.


Focus on Fixing – Not Just Finding

Find and fix top vulnerabilities found in production with dynamic testing. Veracode Dynamic Analysis identifies more than 150+ unique vulnerabilities across your web applications.

Veracode customers show a 70% fix rate in their programs.

(Source: Veracode)

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