Veracode Dynamic Analysis (DAST)

Veracode Dynamic Analysis (DAST)

Identify Runtime Vulnerabilities in Web Apps and APIs

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Does Your Attack Surface Hold Up to Real-World Attacks?

Why Veracode Dynamic Analysis?

Rapidly Find and Fix Runtime Vulnerabilities in Web Apps and APIs from a Single Platform

Identify Vulnerabilities in Runtime Environments

Simultaneously scan hundreds of web apps and APIs to find vulnerabilities quickly - including pre-production and staging environments behind a firewall.

Prioritize and Fix Flaws Quickly

A <5% false positive rate allows teams to focus on the vulnerabilities that matter. Detailed, actionable remediation guidance means flaws are fixed faster.

Contribute to a Successful DevSecOps Program

Dynamic scans can be viewed in the Veracode Platform alongside other application security tests, providing multi-faceted insights into the entire security program. Insights and analytics can be used to further improve your DevSecOps program.

We use Veracode for both static and dynamic scanning, it provides great insight for the development and security teams. As Director of Security, it is a key tool in use for maintaining compliance and security first applications.

Chuck Walters

Director of Information Security at RevSpring


Powerful Scan Engine

Cloud-native engine that continually improves scan and audit capabilities.

Granular Scan Control

Flexible scan parameter settings such as browser limiting and authentication support.

Help With a Click

On-demand help from experts to review results and help with remediation actions.

Combined Crawl & Audit

One-step scan with easy-to-configure parameters to save time and reduce errors.

Pre-Production Scanning

Application and API scanning behind a firewall in staging or pre-production.

Web App & API Scanning

Purpose-built interface to run and review results alongside other scans.

Reporting & Automated Ticketing

View reports in a single platform that integrates with popular ticketing systems.

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Find Runtime Vulnerabilities Before They Become Breaches

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