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Hands-on Developer Training to Shift Security Knowledge Left

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The Top AppSec Challenge

While an AppSec strategy based on scanning will help you find flaws, the best approach also avoids creating flaws in the first place. 

Many developers lack the necessary skills to write secure code, and security teams don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to teach them. Existing training solutions are lengthy, generic, and often just plain boring.

There is no better way to learn about secure coding best practices than through actual experience. With Veracode Security Labs developers get examples of vulnerabilities in real code in their chosen language. It’s so much more realistic than just buying a generic training program off the shelf.


Jim Hebert

Staff Application Security Engineer, OneLogin

Secure Code From the Start

By empowering developers with the knowledge and tools to help them identify potential vulnerabilities in real time, they can fix issues while they’re top of mind, and adopt secure coding practices that reduce the number of flaws introduced over time.

Veracode Security Labs shifts AppSec knowledge left, giving developers hands-on training to confidently tackle modern threats by exploiting and patching real code, and applying DevSecOps principles to deliver secure code on time.

The #1 AppSec challenge for organizations is developers’ lack of knowledge on how to mitigate issues. (Source: ESG)

Develop Real-World Skills

Through hands-on training labs, developers explore practical examples and immediately apply new skills in interactive threat scenarios.

Regular assignments, progress reports, and a leaderboard foster healthy competition, and encourage developers to continuously up-level their secure coding skills.

Technical team members will benefit from practice using real containerized applications.

Aligned With Your Tech Stack

Developers train with real modern web applications written in your organization’s chosen languages to learn the skills and strategies for the security topics that matter most to your team.

In less than 10 minutes, developers can start exploiting and patching real code to test new skills.

88% Developers who get coaching from security experts fix 88 percent more flaws. (Source: Veracode)

Satisfy Compliance Requirements

Meet ongoing security training requirements for SOC2, PCI, and many other industry certifications.

Set required modules and deadlines, track your team's completion, and export progress reports to prove compliance.

Demonstrate compliance with both government regulations and customer requirements in the event of an audit.

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Unify Security and Development

Empower developers to prevent common security vulnerabilities and code securely to scale AppSec programs without over-burdening security.

Get customized AppSec education based on your organization’s unique tech stack and business objectives.

Engage developers with gamified training and custom “Capture the Flag” events, track progress, and identify security champions.

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