Our Approach

Our Approach

Helping Development and Security Scale DevSecOps Through Automation, Integration, and Collaboration

Scale DevSecOps and Create Secure Software Faster

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Developing secure software from the start is the best way to achieve your objectives and move your business – and the world – forward. This means taking a programmatic approach that focuses on continuous AppSec integrated seamlessly into development. That’s DevSecOps.

By embedding into your existing development workflow, Veracode ensures that security assessments and vulnerability remediations are completed during logical points throughout your development cycle. Our automated application security tools deliver accurate and reliable results, so you can confidently create secure software faster.

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Make Secure Software Your Competitive Advantage

Business decision-makers are increasingly concerned with the security makeup of the software they build, buy, and deploy. In fact, 95 percent say that third-party security validation is a critical factor during the software buying process.

We’re committed to making secure software your competitive advantage. With Veracode, you can easily demonstrate the security of your applications and development processes, shorten your sales cycle, and deepen customer trust.

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Confidently Reduce Your Risk of Security Breach

Applications are the No. 1 attack vector for cybercriminals and the main source of costly security breaches today.

Protect your organization and reduce your risk of security breach with Veracode. Our solution integrates into your software development lifecycle, empowers developers with remediation guidance, and simplifies AppSec management and reporting. Accurate and reliable results mean fewer false positives, so you can react and respond efficiently and confidently, knowing your software is protected by the industry's best AppSec solution.

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Meet Compliance Requirements

Compliance requirements around software security are getting stricter, and the cost of non-compliance has skyrocketed. Meanwhile, customers are demanding application security assurance.

Veracode helps you achieve and demonstrate your compliance with government regulations and customer requirements. Easily assess applications at scale across multiple regional laws and regulations, gain centralized visibility into gaps across your organization, and simplify reporting.

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State of Software Security Volume 12

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Veracode is the most trusted and advanced cloud-native AppSec solution. And it’s only getting better – we use the learnings from every customer interaction to make our results even faster and better for the next customer. Don’t take our word for it; see this powerful application security solution in action.

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