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As the pace of modern software development picks up speed, more threat actors are using that rapid production of applications as opportunities to attack vulnerabilities in your code. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to safeguard your software development lifecycle and improve the security of your applications.

By building security into your software development lifecycle from day one, however, along with the right combination of efforts, you can reduce the chance of a breach. Watch our video about using the right AppSec testing technique in the SDLC and read on to learn more about secure software development in Veracode.

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The Importance of Secure Development

Application security can't be an afterthought to the development process. To build a truly secure application, you have to integrate security practices into all stages of the software development lifecycle from training to response.

A robust development lifecycle includes a mix of manual and automated testing tools and a focus on giving developers the knowledge they need to prioritize and fix flaws early on, before they cause problems. Veracode offers world-class training, as well as integrated testing tools and services that can be built into any workflow, making it easy to continually improve your application security (AppSec) program.

When setting up and implementing an AppSec program, consider the following as foundational to bolstering your security:

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Learn How to Implement a Secure Development Lifecycle

To implement secure development, it's important to integrate testing tools and services into your software development lifecycle.

Tools can greatly reduce the burden on developers, who are unlikely to know every possible security weakness in a given language or environment, and automation can also significantly speed up the process of finding and fixing flaws. Many secure development services, including Veracode, also offer developer training and certification. Educating your developers in secure development best practices can further improve your organization's ability to create and maintain secure, safe applications.

Download our whitepaper on successful application security testing for more information on how to implement a secure development lifecycle.

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Veracode: Enabling Secure Software Development

Secure development doesn't have to be a headache. With cloud-based tools and services such as the ones Veracode provides, it's simple to build security into every step of your software development lifecycle.

Any automated tool can simplify testing. Veracode stands out because our products can be integrated into APIs, IDEs, and many other application development tools, allowing your developers to build secure code in an environment they are already used to.

Application Analysis in Veracode

The Veracode solution offers fast, automated, and accurate static and dynamic application analysis. Additionally, and just as importantly, Veracode does more than just find flaws. Our system offers in-context guidance on secure coding and remediation guidance using the Veracode Analysis center. Developers will learn to code securely while they work.

Watch Jon Stevenson, a secure development expert, discuss in our Best Practices in Secure Coding webcast.

Veracode As a Learning Platform

In addition to our application security solutions, Veracode offers three types of developer training.

With our self-directed eLearning platform, developers can learn about secure coding, common security vulnerabilities, and application development best practices at their own pace. Our online Instructor-led developer training provides expert teachers who can guide developers of any level through security practices for a more secure development lifecycle.

For organizations with a team of developers who need to be on the same page about security, when we are able to hold in-person events, we also offer workshops on security topics.

We maintain our course offerings to ensure they are up to date and accurate. Example courses include Android and iPhone authentication and authorization, the basics of secure software remediation, web application security, data protection, and more.

Secure Coding

Secure Coding Practices

Through Veracode's eLearning platform, developers will learn secure coding practices in all languages commonly used in application development, including Java, C++, PHP, and JavaScript. Our programs are designed so that developers who complete them can also earn certification and CPE credits.

Once they have training, developers will understand how to implement a secure development lifecycle in your organization.

Veracode's cloud-based application analysis solutions can help there as well. With static and dynamic analysis, compliance checks, and in-context remediation guidance, your developers will be able to easily create code that meets security best practices, significantly lowering the risk of a data breach that puts your customers in harm's way.

eLearning capabilities

Veracode's eLearning is also built with organizations in mind. Enterprises can track their developers' progress and completion to ensure that their organization meets industry standards such as that provided in the SANS Institute's Application Security Procurement Contract Language.

Developer Training by Veracode

Don't put your customers at risk with an insecure application. Take action today to ensure that your developers follow security best practices and that there are no vulnerabilities in your code or in third-party code, such as APIs and integrations, that your application is using. See our developer training demo today!

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