Remediation Guidance

Focus on Fixing, Not Just Finding

Finding Flaws Is Only Half the Story

Most AppSec programs forget that only one team can fix security findings and prevent future flaws: the development team. Yet, many security teams don’t have the bandwidth to enable developers, so they fail to reduce risk.

Developers need a way to prioritize issues and identify efficient ways to fix vulnerabilities, to respond quickly and confidently.

Make It Easy to Fix Flaws

With Veracode’s focus on fixing, not just finding, our customers show a greater than 70 percent fix rate in their programs.

Whether instant feedback while coding, or training that lets developers exploit real apps, our automated, peer, and expert guidance helps to significantly scale DevSecOps programs.

Prioritize and Fix Issues Efficiently

  • After receiving an alert, developers can triage flaws in the Veracode Analysis Center, identifying high-impact issues that are easy to fix.

  • Developers can view flaw sources to identify code changes that can eliminate multiple vulnerabilities at once, maximizing efficiency.

  • Reduce remediation time from 2.5 hours to 15 minutes.

Get In-Context Secure Coding Guidance

  • Empower developers with written remediation guidance and code samples in specific programming languages, so they can fix vulnerabilities autonomously.

  • To tackle more challenging issues, developers can access on-demand video tutorials specific to both the flaw type found and programming language.

Troubleshoot Challenges With Your Peers

  • Join the Veracode Community to browse discussions, ask questions, and find answers to top-of-mind AppSec challenges.

  • Collaborate with peers on new remediation approaches to move the industry forward.

Join Veracode Community

Get Live Insights From Coding Experts

  • Schedule a live, personalized virtual session to review particularly challenging issues with our world-class coding experts.

  • Get prescriptive guidance to build, mature, and scale impactful AppSec programs with Veracode Customer Success Packages.

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Shift Application Security Knowledge Left

  • Empower developers with remediation guidance and code samples in specific programming languages, so they can fix vulnerabilities autonomously.

  • Integrate AppSec into development to find and fix flaws earlier, unify security and development, and lower the cost of security flaw remediation.

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