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Code security analysis is a must for competitive enterprises

Security is a major aspect of business competitiveness today. An attack on the enterprise can reduce productivity, tie up resources, harm credibility and cut into profits. Because most current threats are directed at the application layer, code security analysis is a must for any competitive organization. Application analysis searches software for vulnerabilities like application backdoors or malicious code so they can be fixed before they are discovered and exploited by hackers. Many code security analysis solutions, however, are inadequate to the task. Some return so many false positives that developers spend more time tracking down non-threats than real problems. Some are prohibitively expensive to purchase, install and update. And others are incomplete as they only analyze source code, leaving enterprises vulnerable to threats that are not detected. For superior and complete code security analysis, consider Veracode's cloud-based service.

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Outsource your code security analysis to Veracode

Veracode offers something new in code security analysis—an automated, on-demand, application security testing solution. Veracode enables you to improve application security by submitting code for testing and quickly getting highly accurate and actionable results. That means you no longer need to sink resources into buying application security software or hardware or in hiring the personnel to operate, maintain and update it. With Veracode, you get a highly effective and cost-efficient application security review crafted by world-class experts who continually refine testing methods to return the most accurate results and fewest false positives in the industry. As an on-demand code analysis service, Veracode helps you prioritize and optimize your remedial efforts by quickly scanning for vulnerabilities. Veracode identifies potential problems such as malicious code or inadequate functionality and prioritizes test results based on what needs to be fixed first—taking into account your business objectives and risk tolerance—so you can secure your enterprise without sacrificing productivity or profitability.

Improve security and enhance code development timelines with superior analysis

Veracode's code security analysis technology is based on an innovative approach to vulnerability scanning. Where most solutions scan source code, Veracode is the first software security testing solution to scan at the binary level (also called "byte" code or "compiled" code analysis). This provides much deeper and more comprehensive results, as an entire application can be reviewed for flaws—including third-party libraries that otherwise may be omitted from scanning because of the legal issues around reviewing the proprietary source code.

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