Source Code Analysis

Scanning and addressing source code analysis is a major concern at the enterprise level. After all, security flaws and potential vulnerabilities can be costly and difficult to repair should they be exploited later on. Application security must be part of the entire software development lifecycle, rather than relying solely on checks after the software is developed.

By reviewing applications throughout the development process, organizations can spot potential flaws before attackers do, often resulting in safer applications in production. Vulnerable third-party integrations or code snippets can be highlighted early on, allowing developers to find solutions that enhance the security of your final product without losing time to significant rework.

Source code analysis and binary analysis are important tools that can highlight flaws in software without needing to run it, allowing for analysis of software even when it’s not complete. Taken together, these form “static code analysis,” also called “static software testing.” Static code analysis is an important code security tool that organizations can use to integrate security throughout the software development process.

Beyond Source Code Security

Our Veracode cloud-based static analysis tool scans compiled code, also called binary code or bytecode, without needing to access the underlying source code. In non-open-source projects, attempting to access the source of compiled code can raise licensing or copyright concerns. Veracode SAST operates outside these concerns.

Our Pipeline scanning software provides rapid results with a median scan time of only 90 seconds. This allows developers to find, solve, and fix problems quickly in their development pipeline without introducing additional delays.

About Veracode Static Analysis

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Binary Analysis Provides Solution Guidance

Veracode's binary analysis tool provides guidance for potential fixes, without introducing unnecessary delays. Because our software has scanned trillions of lines of code, our engine produces immediate, reliable, and accurate results with a false-positive rate of less than 1.1%. In comparison, other tools may require up to eight hours of tuning before they are ready to scan application code.

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Supported Languages

Veracode static analysis supports widely used languages and environments for desktop, web, and mobile application development:

  • iOS: Objective-C and Swift
  • Android: Java, Kotlin, Python, C#, and more
  • Legacy business applications: Visual Basic 6, COBOL, RPG, and others
  • JavaScript: AngularJS, jQuery, and Node.js as well as standard JavaScript
  • Java, including SE, EE, and JSP
  • .NET languages such as ASP.NET,, and C#

Cloud-Based Binary Code Analysis

Application security has traditionally been an expensive, time-consuming process. Organizations needed specialized equipment and software as well as application security experts to maintain it.

Veracode is built on the software-as-a-service model, with cloud-based tools that provide faster, more efficient results and products tailored to your organization's needs. Developers can simply upload their binary code in our secure online environment to receive their analysis results. Furthermore, you can easily integrate our static analysis with IDEs, APIs, CI/CD systems, and many other development tools and environments, allowing developers to focus on coding that builds security from the ground up.

Integrated Static and Dynamic Analysis

Our cloud-based platform doesn't just perform static analysis. It's a comprehensive software analysis platform that addresses the needs of developers and organizations to produce secure code of various types. While Veracode software composition analysis is ideal for open-source libraries, our SAST static analysis provides a thorough review of programs as a whole, including closed-source integrations and third-party dependencies as well as your final binaries.

Veracode's application security services also include:

  • Dynamic analysis (DAST) - Scans web applications and provides likely attack vectors
  • Veracode Discovery - Manage web surface attacks by discovering and inventorying public-facing web applications and scanning them for security flaws
  • Penetration testing - Our process combines automated scan results with the expertise of manual penetration testers for maximum coverage
  • Security Labs - Provide interactive training in application security for developers that teaches a security-first, dynamic approach to coding

Build Application Security Into Your Coding Process

Veracode provides comprehensive solutions for developing secure code, including source code analysis, binary analysis, application security testing, and eLearning for an all-in-one approach to security. By achieving more secure code and avoiding flaws, your organization can achieve more cost-effective results that save time and meet deadlines more easily. Check out our free guide on secure coding best practices. You can also contact us today to learn more about our offerings or set up a demo for the Veracode platform.

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