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Can’t Protect Unknown Apps

Web applications are one of the top attack vectors used by cyberattackers to get access to sensitive data. But security teams often aren’t even aware of the existence of many of their organizations’ web apps. Veracode Discovery helps organizations manage this elusive web attack surface.

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Map Attack Surface

Veracode Discovery identifies every web application, not just those that fall within the known IP range. Leveraging multiple inputs, such as domains and brand name keywords, Veracode Discovery provides the most comprehensive list of web applications.

Products Page Refresh - Discovery - Easily Set Up Scans

Easily Set Up Scans

Organizations use Veracode Discovery alone or integrated with Veracode Dynamic Analysis to enable streamlined scanning of discovered assets. This combination enables security teams to prioritize which vulnerabilities should be fixed first.

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Products Page Refresh - Discovery - Scope M&A Risk

Scope M&A Risk

A security audit has become a standard component of every corporate acquisition. Veracode Discovery enables teams to map out all web applications that are part of an acquired entity so that they can manage risk more effectively.

Products Page Refresh - Discovery - Reduce Attack Surface

Reduce Attack Surface

With Veracode Discovery, organizations regularly discover unmanaged websites that can be shut down, which reduces both the attack surface and operational costs.

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