Veracode Discovery

Find all your public-facing applications and manage their risk

Veracode Discovery Finds about 30% More Web Applications Than Our Customers Knew They Owned.

Attackers look for the easiest way to breach an organization, which is often through forgotten or badly maintained web applications. Organizations may not know about all of their web applications, either due to M&A activities or because they are created faster than they can track them, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Veracode Discovery quickly scans your entire web application attack surface to identify and inventory all of your web applications, giving you the best visibility into where to target Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) scanning with Veracode Dynamic Analysis.

Using Multiple Approaches to Cover All of Your Applications

Veracode Discovery doesn’t simply rely on a provided list of IP ranges, but performs an exhaustive inventory of your web applications by using multiple inputs, including IP ranges, keywords, hostnames, domain names, and individual IP addresses. This ensures that we find every web application associated with your organization, even if you didn’t create it in-house. With this process, you get peace of mind that you know about everything on your attack surface, and can better determine where to perform further DAST testing.

Easy to Use and Scale

Veracode Discovery features an easy-to-understand workflow that allows you to configure and run scans during appropriate time windows. Additionally, Veracode Discovery is a SaaS offering, so it scales with your organization over time.

High Quality, Actionable Results

Veracode Discovery provides high-quality, actionable results. We’ve helped customers find websites with an insufficient level of authentication and legacy sites that were decommissioned as a result. Customers can easily sort and prioritize results on the Veracode Platform.

Prioritize DAST Scanning

Veracode Discovery output can easily be turned into input for Veracode Dynamic Analysis to identify any critical vulnerabilities. All of this happens within the Veracode Platform, providing a single pane of glass for your application security testing.

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