Veracode Discovery

Veracode Discovery

Manage Your Web Attack Surface

You Can’t Protect What You Don’t Know You Have

Web applications are the number one attack vector. Cyberattackers target them to access sensitive data and resources.

As new applications are rapidly deployed to enable new work models, absorbed through corporate acquisitions, or deployed as “shadow IT” projects, you may not even know some web applications exist – let alone how to protect them.

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Veracode Discovery helps manage the elusive web attack surface by discovering and inventorying all public-facing applications – inside and outside the IP range – providing an easy workflow to scan sites for vulnerabilities.

Map Your Attack Surface

Identify every web application, not just those within the known public IP range.

Search the entire web for domains and keywords.

Quickly find websites set up through shadow IT or acquired entities.

veracode discovery section
veracode discovery section

Easily Set Up Scans

Use Veracode Discovery alone or integrate with Veracode Dynamic Analysis to discover potential flaws in identified assets.

With this powerful combination, understand what applications exist and easily find, prioritize, and fix high-risk vulnerabilities.

Give operations teams better insight into attacks on production applications – and better protect against vulnerability – without impacting performance.

Scope M&A Cyber Risk

Simplify security audits, a standard part of M&A due diligence today.

Map an entity’s full web application landscape to make confident procurement decisions.

Reduce your risk of data breaches and reputational damage.

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Reduce Your Attack Surface

Regularly discover unmanaged websites, such as those used for short-term promotional campaigns, that could put your brand at risk.

Make informed decisions about which sites to retire to reduce risk and operating costs.

Improve overall visibility and security posture.

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