Manual Penetration Testing & Penetration Testing as a Service

Catch Elusive Vulnerabilities, Meet Compliance, and Deliver Secure Applications

There’s No AppSec Silver Bullet

You’re automating application analysis into the pipeline to reduce risk, maximize efficiency, and move your business forward with confidence. But securing your applications doesn’t end with automated scanning. 

While the use of scanning tools in the CI/CD pipeline is incredibly valuable for identifying issues early, when they’re cheaper to fix, a variety of testing methods are needed to ensure defense in depth. 

Manual penetration testing finds classes of vulnerabilities that automated assessments can’t and represents a critical piece of a DevSecOps program.  

Most organizations would prefer to perform manual pen tests more often but find scoping, scheduling, and cost to be significant barriers. 

Test the Entire Ecosystem, More Often

Veracode Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) allows organizations to perform manual penetration testing more frequently, partnering with Veracode to find elusive vulnerabilities only humans can find. PTaaS can be used in conjunction with Veracode automated scan products and purchased similarly. No additional procurement negotiations throughout the year and no budgetary surprises.

Identify Vulnerabilities Only Humans Can Find

  • Leverage the skills of experienced penetration testers as a part of a holistic AppSec program that dramatically reduces risk. 

  • In-depth methods and attack simulations surface vulnerabilities automation can’t. 

  • Work with the Veracode team to uncover opportunities to strengthen AppSec across web, mobile, desktop, back-end, IoT, and DevOps environments. 

Get Comprehensive Results

  • Get Object-based tests performed by human experts who provide detailed proofs of concept. 

  • See a detailed list of findings for Manual Penetration Testing and Penetration Testing as a Service ranked in severity order. 

  • Gain insights that empower development and security teams to prioritize remediation that has the highest business impact. 

Test the Entire Ecosystem

  • Understand the security posture of your entire ecosystem – not just individual applications. 

  • Test the strength of infrastructure, the security of the external network, and team security practices. 

  • Get a holistic view of your attack surface    

Meet Compliance Requirements

  • Meet penetration testing compliance requirements for PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, NERC CIP, and other regulating bodies.

  • Assess applications across multiple standards at scale, and gain centralized visibility into gaps across the organization.

  • Produce comprehensive reports to prove compliance with both government regulations and customer requirements in the event of an audit.

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