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What Is a Software Security Review?

The goal of a software security review is to identify and understand the vulnerabilities that can be exploited in the code your organization leverages. Your business may leverage software and code from a variety of sources, including both internally developed code, outsourced development and purchased third-party software. All of these sources can add up quickly and present a startling amount of software that needs to be reviewed for security flaws. However, software security is essential; letting security go unchecked can result in a breach by a malicious hacker. If hackers were to find a vulnerability in the right place, they could potentially access sensitive company information or even private customer data.

By reviewing the code of internally developed applications before they are deployed and third-party software before it is purchased, enterprises can find and fix a software vulnerability before it can be exploited for malicious purposes. The key to achieving superior software code security is to find a solution that can review large amounts of code as needed, in order to meet development timelines. A superior solution will also be cost-efficient, allowing the enterprise to optimize its security resources on the most significant threats. For many leading enterprises, Veracode offers a highly effective code security solution.

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Conducting a Software Security Review

Software testing tools are used as part of the testing phase within the software development lifecycle (SDLC) to automate certain tasks, improve testing efficiency, and discover issues that might be difficult to find using manual review alone. Veracode provides a software testing service that searches for security vulnerabilities within your applications. Veracode’s software testing service performs both dynamic and static code analysis and finds security vulnerabilities that include malicious code as well as the absence of functionality that may lead to security breaches. Veracode's binary scanning approach produces more accurate testing results, using methodologies developed and continually refined by a team of world-class experts. See how in our platform demo.

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