Application Analysis

Application Analysis

Veracode simplifies AppSec programs by combining five application security analysis types in one solution, all integrated into the development pipeline. With comprehensive analysis, you’re covered today and as your program matures.

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Veracode Static Analysis (SAST)

Veracode Static Analysis provides fast, automated security feedback to developers in the IDE and CI/CD pipeline, conducts a full Policy Scan before deployment, and gives clear guidance on how to find, prioritize, and fix issues fast – helping to significantly scale DevSecOps programs.

Veracode Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Open source libraries allow developers to meet the demands of today’s accelerated development times. However, they also make up the majority of attack vectors and can leave organizations exposed to a breach. With Veracode Software Composition Analysis, detect open source vulnerabilities with high accuracy and give developers the freedom to innovate with confidence.

Veracode Dynamic Analysis (DAST)

Reduce risk across your web application landscape at scale with Veracode Dynamic Analysis. Easily test thousands of applications simultaneously, get highly accurate results and comprehensive remediation guidance, and verify in production that vulnerabilities were addressed before application release.

Veracode Discovery

Veracode Discovery helps you manage the elusive web attack surface by discovering and inventorying all public-facing web applications – inside and outside the IP range – and providing an easy workflow to scan sites for vulnerabilities.

Veracode Manual Penetration Testing

Veracode Manual Penetration Testing combines the skills of world-class penetration testers with automated security testing scan results to dramatically reduce application risk, meet compliance requirements, and help teams understand and report on security posture.

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