Web Application Security Testing

Protect your enterprise with web application security testing

Web application security testing is critical to protecting your both your apps and your organization. Your web applications are likely to be the #1 attack vector for malicious individuals seeking to breach your security defenses. Available to users 24/7, web apps are the easiest target for hackers seeking access to confidential back-end data.

Web application security testing solutions are readily available, but most require a significant capital investment in hardware or software. Many web application testing tools are difficult to use and hard to keep upgraded – a critical priority in a fast evolving threat landscape. And for many software development teams, adding web application security testing technology to the software development process is problematic, as it can be a drag on aggressive lifecycle deadlines.

For organizations seeking a web application security testing solution that is lightweight, cost effective and easy-to-use, Veracode is the answer.

Dynamic Analysis in a DevSecOps World

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Web application security testing with Veracode

Veracode provides cloud security applications and services that secure the applications driving today’s businesses. Offering a powerful combination of automation, process and speed, Veracode seamlessly integrates testing into software development, helping to eliminate vulnerabilities more easily and cost-effectively.

Veracode simplifies web application security testing with a cloud-based solution that requires no investment in hardware, software or security expertise. Developers can access code review tools on-demand and scale effortlessly to meet secure web application development deadlines.

Developers can access Veracode’s web application security testing tools through an online portal. Test results are returned quickly and prioritized in a Fix-First Analysis that identifies both the most urgent flaws and the ones that can be fixed most quickly, allowing developers to optimize efforts and save additional resources for the enterprise.

Veracode’s web application security testing tools

Components of Veracode’s testing solutions include:

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