Unit Testing

The challenge of unit testing

Unit testing is a software testing method that has been gaining in use and popularity in recent years. By testing small individual units of source code as applications are developed – rather than waiting until a later security hardening stage – defects can be found earlier in the process and flaws can often be remediated faster and with less cost. Unit testing supports Agile development, as it builds testing into the process in a way that let developers make changes more easily. Ultimately, unit testing improves the quality of code and of the shipped product.

The challenge of unit testing: time. Writing effective unit testing programs can sometimes take longer than writing the code to be tested. And for many software development teams, this additional hurdle adds unacceptable delays to the build schedule.

That’s where Veracode can help. By providing automated software testing tools that streamline testing processes, Veracode is helping to make unit testing faster and easier, enabling teams to use unit testing tools to increase the pace of development rather than slow it.

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Unit testing solutions from Veracode

Veracode provides application security solutions and Dev Ops tools that help enterprises protect the software they rely on for business-critical operations. Built on a unified platform, Veracode testing solutions and software development tools provide a variety of testing methods – from unit testing and static analysis to black box testing techniques and software composition analysis – delivering a comprehensive approach that makes application security testing easier, more effective and more-cost efficient.

Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan is a unit testing solution that runs in the background of an IDE and scans smaller units of code as they are being written. Results are immediate, accurate and actionable, with very low false positives. Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan provides feedback as soon as a flaw is introduced, along with contextual remediation advice to help fix the issue quickly. Developers can rescan in seconds to ensure that the defect no longer exists. And Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan even provides positive feedback when developers take active steps to secure an application.

Benefits of Veracode’s unit testing tools.

With unit testing technology from Veracode, organizations can

  • Test units of code earlier in the development process to find and fix flaws when it is most cost-effective to remediate them.
  • Combine unit testing with static analysis to ensure that applications meet the organization’s security requirements.
  • Enable developers to get immediate feedback as they are in the act of writing code.
  • Benefit from Veracode’s proven application testing engine which has analyzed over 2 trillion lines of code.


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