Veracode Fix

Save Time.
Secure More.

Secure your code in seconds with AI-generated fixes.

Reduce Your Backlog

It takes too much time to secure too little. The result: a dangerous backlog. Your unaddressed security findings represent a business risk and a brake on software velocity.

Save Time

Reduce mean time to remediate (MTTR) from months to minutes or seconds. Veracode Fix gives your developers precious time back, and fixes flaws faster.

Secure More

On average, Veracode Fix can address 74% of Java vulnerabilities discovered by Veracode SAST, without your developers writing a single line of new code.

Reduce Security Debt and Risk With Veracode Fix
You could:
Cut the time to clear security debt by:
Save compared to manual remediation:
*at $100/hour per developer
Count of Security Flaws
Time to Fix a Security Flaw​ (Hours)
Time to Remediate a Security Flaw with Veracode Fix
0.1 hours

See How Fix Has Helped Veracode Customers

Companies developing emerging technologies, like AI, have a responsibility to ensure their products are safe. Veracode is encouraging industries to ensure innovation doesn’t come at the expense of safety.


Reduce Your Backlog

Fix security flaws in seconds without writing any code. Clear your risky security backlog faster using AI augmented fixes applied directly to your code.

Save Time

Reduce mean time to remediate (MTTR) from months to minutes or seconds. Give your developers time back to create value, not fix flaws.

Secure More

Secure software at scale with coverage for 74% of Java SAST findings on average. Language coverage extends to support for C#, JavaScript, and TypeScript (with more to come).

New Report

State of Software Security 2023 BFS&I

Stay informed about the modern threat landscape and importance of technical debt burn down with our newly-released research on the State of Software Security 2023 focused on industry comparisons.

A Model Trained on Proprietary Data

Although open-source code provides a good training environment for fixing vulnerabilities, the potential for model poisoning is a serious risk. Veracode’s GPT is trained on our curated dataset.

Augmented Fixes Based on Human Expertise

While the fixes applied are unique to your code, they are based on a set of ’master patches’ created by Veracode’s security experts. 

Reliable, Repeatable Results

Rather like using parametrized queries to avoid unexpected outcomes, Veracode uses automated, replicable prompts to ensure that the output is always what we (and our customers) expect it to be. 

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