SQL Injection Attacks & How to Prevent Them

The danger of SQL attacks.

SQL attacks are among the most common threats to application security today. It takes relatively little skill to mount an SQL injection in .NET, Java or PHP, and the rewards for hackers are significant. Successful SQL attacks enable malicious individuals to access sensitive information stored in databases, make unauthorized changes to the content of an app or website, view users’ credentials, and more.

Hackers typically initiate SQL attacks by entering SQL commands into web form fields. If the application fails to adequately clean this untrusted data before using it in an SQL query, the attackers’ SQL language may be executed by the database, compromising systems and breaching application security.

The bad news: most enterprises still fail to put proper controls in place to prevent SQL attacks. The good news: stopping SQL attacks is relatively easy, but frequent and consistent testing of apps in development and production is critical. Automated testing is even better, enabling developers to focus on coding while automated testing tools perform a .NET, Java or PHP SQL injection test to identify vulnerabilities.

When choosing the application security and testing solutions that can help to prevent SQL attacks, more development teams and enterprises today turn to Veracode.

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Stop SQL attacks with Veracode.

Veracode provides industry-leading solutions for securing web applications, mobile applications and other business-critical software. Built on a unified platform, Veracode’s SaaS-based services help to simplify application security and testing throughout the SDLC agile process, from inception through production. With Veracode, you can find and fix flaws at any point in the development process where it is convenient and cost-effective to do so.

As a cloud-based solution, Veracode is easy to implement and requires no special expertise for operating, maintaining or upgrading solutions. And Veracode’s services are constantly being refined to adhere to the latest web application security standards and to defend against the most advanced SQL attacks as well as a myriad of other threats.

Veracode solutions for preventing SQL attacks.

Veracode provides multiple tools that can help to prevent Java, PHP and .NET SQL injection, including:

  • Veracode Static Analysis. This security testing technology scans compiled binaries in applications and third-party software to identify vulnerabilities and to tell developers exactly how to fix them. Veracode returns results based on severity and risk, enabling developers to remediate the most dangerous flaws first.
  • Veracode Web Application Scanning. This service scans public facing web applications, performing lightweight and authenticated scans to discover vulnerabilities like those that may lead to SQL attacks.

Learn more about working SQL attacks with Veracode, and about Veracode tools to prevent LDAP injection.

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