PHP SQL Injection Test

Protect your applications with a PHP SQL injection test.

While SQL injection continues to be a major threat to PHP applications, organizations can easily prevent these potentially devastating attacks with the right SQL injection scanner or PHP SQL injection test.

In an SQL injection attack on a PHP application, hackers gain access to the application’s database by tricking the software into executing an unauthorized SQL command. Typically, this is accomplished by entering data into a web form field. If the application isn’t properly sanitizing or validating input data, attackers can enter SQL commands that the application executes, enabling hackers to take control the database. Often in such attacks, user credentials may be exposed, data may be stolen, or the behavior of the application may be altered.

Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to fix the vulnerabilities that lead to an SQL injection attack once these flaws have been identified. A PHP SQL injection test can quickly determine whether an application contains weaknesses that may be exploited by an attack. But remarkably, most organizations fail to put adequate web application testing procedures in place. In the past, this was due to the expense and complexity of managing on-premise solutions for a PHP SQL injection test. But today, Veracode’s cloud-based application security services are reducing the cost and complexity of performing a PHP SQL injection test, making it far easier to implement protective measures.

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PHP SQL injection test technology from Veracode.

Veracode has become a leading provider of application security solutions that help organizations protect their most business-critical software. By offering a suite of security solutions that can integrate testing into any aspect of the SDLC agile process, Veracode enables development and IT teams to perform scans like a PHP SQL injection test quickly, easily and automatically. From inception through production and before and after purchase of third-party software or components, Veracode makes it simple to ensure the security of applications you build, buy or assemble.

How Veracode’s PHP SQL injection test works.

Veracode offers multiple technologies that can perform a PHP SQL injection test, to defend against SQL injection .NET attacks or to spot SQL injection in Java.

  • Veracode Static Analysis accurately identifies SQL injection flaws as well as other vulnerabilities and weaknesses in applications developed in-house or in third-party components, by scanning compiled binaries rather than source code.
  • Veracode Web Application Scanning identifies flaws like SQL vulnerabilities in web applications in pre-production or production environments.

Learn more about a PHP SQL injection test with Veracode, and about Veracode’s solutions for cross site scripting prevention.

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