SQL Injection Scanner

Protect your applications with an SQL injection scanner.

SQL injection continues to be a significant threat to application security, but the right SQL injection scanner can protect your software from malicious attacks.

In SQL attacks, hackers trick an application into sending unexpected SQL commands. Web form fields are a typical point of attack. Hackers enter a command in the form field, and if the application adds it to an SQL query without properly sanitizing it, attackers can include their own SQL commands to be executed by the database.

SQL injection scanner technology can easily protect your organization against these type of attacks, but choosing the right technology is critical. Your SQL injection scanner solution must be easy to use, and it must not create obstacles for development teams working to meet aggressive development timelines. That’s why, when choosing an SQL injection scanner, more leading companies turn to solutions from Veracode.

Vulnerability Decoder: SQL Injection

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An SQL injection scanner from Veracode

In a software-driven world, Veracode provides industry-leading services for securing web applications, mobile applications and other software solutions. Our unified platform offers SaaS-based services that let organizations embed security throughout the development process, start to finish. With Veracode, you can address security flaws and vulnerabilities at the point in development when remediation is easiest and most cost-efficient.

Our cloud-based application security solutions enable you to manage your security initiatives more effectively, tracking progress easily and educating your developers on ways to avoid and repair SQL injection in .NET, perform a PHP SQL injection test, or identify and remediate SQL injections in other development languages.

How Veracode’s SQL injection scanner technology works

Veracode’s SQL injection scanner technology is included in multiple services:

  • Veracode Web Application Scanning is a unified solution that can find, secure and monitor all your web applications, including the ones you don’t know about or have lost track of. This cloud-based service serves as a SQL injection scanner and can perform a lightweight scan to find critical vulnerabilities and prioritize your greatest risks. It can also run authenticated scans on critical applications to systematically reduce risk and continually monitor your security posture.
  • Veracode Static Analysis analyzes major frameworks and languages without requiring source code. With patented technology that tests binaries, this service analyzes compiled applications across proprietary and open source components to identify flaws and vulnerabilities. Results are returned prioritized by severity, enabling your team to address the greatest risks first and avoid dealing with hundreds of false positives.

Learn more about a SQL injection scanner from Veracode, and about Veracode solutions for DevOps testing and preventing an LDAP injection.

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