DevOps Testing

Cloud-based tools can speed DevOps testing

As DevOps transforms the software development process, development teams everywhere are searching for powerful DevOps testing tools that provide the speed and ease-of-use needed to ensure application security.

Secure DevOps, or DevSecOps, requires everyone from developers to operations to have a laser focus on security. But without adequate DevOps testing solutions, addressing security issues can become a drag on the development process.

To successfully implement a DevSecOps paradigm, developers need automated DevOps testing services that can help do away with time-consuming manual processes. DevOps testing solutions that can identify flaws in code even as it’s being written can also help to create a more efficient development process. Since DevSecOps is focused on application security from inception through production, organizations also need DevOps testing tools that can evaluate security after applications have been released. And to ensure the developers are working as quickly and efficiently as possible, any DevOps testing tools must be integrated into the developer’s IDE.

For development team seeking DevOps testing tools that can satisfy all these requirements, Veracode offers a powerful suite of cloud-based services for mobile and web app security testing.

DevOps testing with Veracode

Veracode delivers the application security solutions and services required in a software-driven world. With scalable, cloud-based services built on a unified platform, Veracode lets organizations assess and ensure the security of applications from inception through production, reducing application-layer risk across web, mobile and third-party applications.

Veracode delivers automation, process and speed to seamlessly integrate security and DevOps testing throughout the software development lifecycle. Combining powerful technology, expertise and application security best practices, Veracode helps organizations improve security while reducing the cost of secure development and remediation.

Veracode services for integrated DevOps testing

Veracode’s DevOps testing services include:

  • Static Analysis Security Testing analyzes binaries to identify flaws and prioritize remediation in applications that developers write, buy or download.
  • Veracode Greenlight runs in background to provide developers with immediate feedback on potential flaws in code as it is being written.
  • Software Composition Analysis helps identify vulnerabilities in open source and commercial code.
  • Vendor Analysis Security Testing helps mitigate risk in third-party software with tools that can issue a simple pass or fail for any vendor application.
  • Web Application Scanning provides dynamic analysis security testing tools to find vulnerabilities in software in production.

Learn more about DevOps testing with Veracode and about Veracode solutions for cross site scripting prevention and implementing OWASP security recommendations.



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