What is devsecops methodology?

DevSecOps, or secure devops, is the mindset in software development that everyone is responsible for app security. By integrating developers with IT operations and focusing everyone on making better security decisions, development teams hope to deliver safer software with greater speed and efficiency.

Why are devsecops practices important?

In practice, DevSecOps can add some friction and hinder the development process. Traditional tools for testing code and assessing application security risk simply weren’t built for the speed that devops testing requires.

Devsecops techniques

To make DevSecOps successful, development teams need to start with automated testing tools, as relying on manual processes can possibly keep pace with accelerated development timelines. Tools that can be used in an integrated development environment (IDE) are key, as they allow developers to integrate security into their workflow rather than having to launch a new environment whenever they need to test code. Solutions that check for flaws during the coding process enable developers to address vulnerabilities early on when fixes are more cost efficient. And because DevSecOps is equally concerned with security when software is in production, development teams need tools for testing applications after release.

For development teams seeking to successfully implement DevSecOps, Veracode offers a powerful suite of cloud-based services for software testing that can help to implement security end-to-end.

The Human Side of DevSecOps

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A DevSecOps Environment:

  • Improves the security aspect of web development
  • Enables developers to better test their code for security
  • Detects security flaws as code is written
  • Works with your existing development tools

Implement DevSecOps with Veracode

Veracode delivers application security services and solutions that deliver a simpler and systematic approach to reducing risk in web, mobile and third-party applications. Recognized as a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader since 2010, Veracode provides application security for hundreds of the world’s largest enterprises.

Veracode offers a unified platform that enables organizations to implement DevSecOps and address security applications from inception through production. With Veracode’s highly scalable, cloud-based services, development teams can find and fix flaws in software at any point in the development lifecycle.

Veracode services for DevSecOps

To support implementation of DevSecOps, Veracode provides a powerful suite of application security services.

  • Static Analysis Security Testing. Developers can upload any application built, bought or downloaded to Veracode’s secure platform and quickly receive an inventory of potential flaws along with prioritized remediation advice.
  • Software Composition Analysis. Veracode helps developers build an inventory of open source components by identifying vulnerabilities in open source and commercial code.
  • Vendor Analysis Security Testing. Veracode helps mitigate risk in third-party software with tools that can issue a simple pass or fail for any vendor application. Because Veracode scans binaries rather than source code, vendors are more willing to submit to security assessments since they don’t need to disclose intellectual property.
  • Web Application Scanning provides dynamic analysis security testing tools to find and fix flaws in applications already in production.

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Veracode for DevOps

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