Secure DevOps

Secure DevOps requires best-of-breed testing tools

While DevOps is disrupting software development in powerful and productive ways, implementing DevOps testing and understanding how to secure DevOps remains a mystery to many development teams.

DevOps essentially extends the cross-functional teams of Agile development to include operations. Instead of development handing off buggy software to IT and saying “It’s your problem now,” DevOps asks developers to take responsibility for software all the way through production. Secure DevOps takes that paradigm one step further to ensure that developers are using app security testing to deliver software that is free of vulnerabilities from day one.

To achieve secure DevOps, development teams need state-of-the-art tools for finding and fixing flaws long before the security hardening stage. Automation is key – traditional manual processes can keep up with the pace of development in secure DevOps. Finding solutions that can be integrated into existing tools is also critical, as developers don’t have time to stop and launch new environments every time they need to perform an application security assessment. Tools that let developers test code as they are writing it can be especially helpful, as that allows errors to be corrected more quickly and cost-efficient. And because secure DevOps equally is concerned with securing applications that have already been released, developers need tools for testing in software production.

When you are building infrastructure to enable secure DevOps, Veracode provides a comprehensive set of solutions for integrating application security and web app security testing throughout the software development lifecycle.

5 principles of Secure DevOps

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Veracode: leading tools for secure DevOps

As one of the world’s leaders in application security, Veracode provides cloud-based solutions and services that enable organizations to implement a secure DevOps paradigm for delivering secure software faster. Veracode’s unified platform enables organizations to assess and improve application security from inception through production, securing the software they build, buy and assemble along with the components they integrate into their environments.

Veracode seamlessly integrates application security into software development by focusing on automation, process and speed. With tools to find and fix vulnerabilities in software at every point in the development lifecycle, Veracode not only supports secure DevOps but continually helps to eliminate vulnerabilities at the most cost-efficient point in the development process.

Veracode’s suite of secure DevOps solutions

Veracode supports secure DevOps with services that include:

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