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Common misconceptions about application security assessments

For enterprises developing software, an application security assessment is essential to producing software that is free of flaws and vulnerabilities. Yet many development teams make the mistake of waiting to test their software until after it is finished – in other words, confusing application security assessment with certification. Unless the security assessment is an integral part of the development process, development teams will spend far too much time remediating problems that could have been fixed earlier, faster and more cost-efficiently. Many enterprises also fail to perform an application security assessment on third-party software, mistakenly placing their trust in application protection processes they can’t verify.

To produce software that is more secure – and to test third-party components more effectively – software development teams need application security tools that can test flaws from inception all the way through production. The right application security assessment solution should enable developers to test their code at any point in the SDLC, and to test third-party code even when the source code is not available.

About the Veracode Application Security Platform

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Application security assessment from Veracode

As a leading provider of application security solutions for companies worldwide, Veracode provides application security assessment solutions that let organizations secure the web and mobile applications and build, buy and assemble, as well as the third-party components they integrate into their environment.

Veracode’s web application monitoring and testing tools enable development teams to seamlessly integrate application security assessment practices into the points in the software development/deployment chain at points where it is most cost-effective to remediate issues. And as a cloud-based service, Veracode lets development teams test software without the need for additional staff or equipment.

Veracode’s application security assessment tools

Veracode provides an Application Security Platform with a comprehensive suite of services and solutions for application security assessment.

Learn more about application security assessment from Veracode, and about Veracode solutions for improving OWASP security.

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