Web Application Testing

Securing your organization with web application testing

Web application testing is a critical tool in the defense against security threats to your software applications.

Web applications are frequently the weakest link in your organization’s security. Because they are available 24/7 to customers, employees and suppliers, they are also accessible around the clock to hackers who can exploit vulnerabilities to gain access to confidential back-end data.

Web application testing can help to improve security by fixing vulnerabilities before attackers can find them. But it’s hard to implement web application security testing solutions when they hinder the pace of software development. And many testing solutions require significant investment in hardware and software and are difficult to manage and maintain. That’s why, when choosing web application testing technology, a growing number of companies today are turning to Veracode.

Dynamic Analysis in a DevSecOps World

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Web application testing with Veracode

Veracode provides application security solutions for a software-driven world. With a suite of security solutions and services built on a unified platform, Veracode helps to reduce the cost and complexity of web app security testing while helping to improve web application security standards.

Veracode’s cloud-based solutions require no capital expenditures for hardware or software – developers can access web application testing on demand and scale easily to meet aggressive timelines. Veracode’s web application testing tools can be accessed through an online portal and require no specific expertise. Results are returned quickly, prioritized by urgency and by the amount of time it will take to fix each flaw, enabling developers to quickly determine the most efficient path to remediation.

Components of Veracode’s web application testing solution

Veracode web application testing solutions include:

  • Dynamic analysis security testing. Veracode’s Web Application Scanning solution includes a dynamic analysis tool that tests web applications in a run-time environment to find flaws before attackers can exploit them.
  • Static Analysis. Veracode’s white box testing tools let your developers quickly identify and fix application security flaws without needing to manage a complex testing solution. Veracode’s technology analyzes major frameworks and languages without needing access to source code, enabling developers to evaluate the code they write, buy or download.
  • Web application penetration testing. Veracode offers manual penetration testing services to complement automated scanning technologies.

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