Cross Site Scripting Prevention

Cross site scripting prevention requires strong application security.

Solutions for cross site scripting prevention are on the rise as cross site scripting (XSS) attacks continue to plague organizations worldwide. In an XSS attack, hackers inject client-side code into a legitimate website or web application, delivering a malicious script to a user’s browser. When combined with social engineering, a cross site scripting vulnerability can lead to advanced attacks such as cookie theft, phishing, keylogging and identity theft.

Superior cross site scripting prevention involves well-written and thoroughly tested code along with security tools that monitor and vet all inputs to your website. Because XSS attacks are continually evolving, a cloud-based application security service like Veracode offers the most effective tools for preventing XSS.

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Cross site scripting prevention with Veracode

As a leading provider of application security solutions, Veracode offers powerful cross site scripting prevention in a subscription-based service that delivers application security testing on demand.

Veracode provides multiple testing tools on a unified platform that enable organizations to integrate application security into all stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) without slowing forward progress, making it an ideal testing tool for the agile SDLC.  Veracode solutions can also easily test open-source components, third-party software and applications already in production.

Veracode’s testing technology accurately detects XSS vulnerabilities in code developed in-house or supplied by vendors. Veracode solutions can also address a wide range of other flaws, performing a PHP SQL injection test, for example, or issuing a CSRF token.


Veracode solutions for cross site scripting prevention

Veracode’s platform offers comprehensive application testing solutions that can help with the cross site scripting prevention.

  • Static Analysis. This Veracode service promotes cross site scripting prevention by scanning binaries and analyzing major frameworks and languages to identify and fix XSS vulnerabilities and other flaws in code.
  • Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan. Working directly in your IDE, this service provides immediate feedback on flaws and vulnerabilities as developers write code.
  • Software Composition Analysis. This service contributes to cross site scripting prevention by inventorying and identifying vulnerabilities in open source components in in-house and commercial code.
  • Dynamic Analysis. This Veracode service identifies vulnerabilities in all public facing web applications.

Veracode also offers eLearning courses that can train developers on best practices for cross site scripting prevention.


Learn more about cross site scripting prevention with Veracode, and download Veracode’s XSS cheat sheet, a free resource that provides a summary of everything you need to know about XSS.

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