SaaS Application Monitoring

Find vulnerabilities in web apps with SaaS application monitoring.

As organizations rely ever more heavily on web applications for critical business functions, SaaS application monitoring is quickly becoming an essential capability for IT teams charged with enterprise security.

Web applications are often of the point of attack in attempted security breaches. Their frequent weaknesses and 24/7 availability make them both an easy target for hackers and a difficult asset to protect. Complicating matters is the fact that many enterprises don’t even know how many web applications or websites they have, thanks to lapses in tracking or the complexities of mergers and acquisitions.

Traditional on-premise solutions for monitoring the web perimeter are costly and resource-intensive, and integrating them into the software development lifecycle can be problematic. That’s why so many companies seeking to improve application security turn to cloud-based, SaaS application monitoring solutions from Veracode.

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SaaS application monitoring from Veracode.

Veracode is a leading provider of application security technology that protects the software businesses depend on. Deliver through a unified cloud platform, Veracode’s SaaS application security solutions enable IT administrators and development teams to secure and test software throughout the development lifecycle, from inception through production. As a cloud-based service, Veracode’s SaaS application monitoring requires no capital expense for hardware or software, and no specialized expertise to manage and maintain.

When using SaaS application monitoring, Veracode first discovers and inventories all external web applications and performs a lightweight, production-safe scan to identify flaws and weaknesses. Vulnerabilities are prioritized by risk, enabling developers to fix the most dangerous flaws first. To reduce risk even further, Veracode can run authenticated deep scans on certain critical applications. In secure web application development, Veracode’s SaaS application monitoring technology can be used during staging or QA to detect potential vulnerabilities. And Veracode’s application monitoring solution integrates easily with other scanning technologies on the Veracode platform, including static analysis, dynamic analysis, software composition analysis, third party security assessment and more.

Benefits of Veracode’s SaaS application monitoring solution.

With SaaS application monitoring services from Veracode, you can:

  • Inventory all public-facing web applications, including legacy websites acquired through M&A activity. Most companies discover 30% to 40% more applications than they were aware of.
  • Quickly assess risk across the entire application portfolio.
  • Use automated dynamic analysis to identify vulnerabilities using the same techniques cyber criminals employ.
  • Strengthen your security programs with Veracode application security consulting, relying on the expertise of Veracode’s security specialists to implement best practices, adhere to web application security standards and set up strategic, repeatable processes.

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