Languages & Frameworks

Full Coverage for Your Application Landscape

Development Technology Choices Should Not Be Dictated by Security

There is no shortage of programming languages and frameworks out there today. Chances are, your team is using quite a few to create software that moves your business forward.

Without a holistic approach to AppSec, teams often deploy disparate tools to cover their preferred programming languages, creating operational complexity.

Comprehensive Coverage

Veracode covers web and mobile apps, as well as microservices, in most major programming languages and frameworks, with new technologies added regularly. Innovate with confidence, knowing you’re covered – whether you have heirloom software coded in COBOL or the newer languages like Go.

And as your DevSecOps program matures and testing demands grow, Veracode’s cloud-native solution scales with you.

Get Comprehensive Analysis for Today and Tomorrow

Veracode supports more than 27 programming languages for desktop, web, and mobile applications, along with 100+ industry frameworks, including:

  • Java
  • .NET
  • Web Platforms: JavaScript (including AngularJS, Node.js, and jQuery), Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion, and Classic ASP
  • C/C++ (Windows, RedHat Linux, OpenSUSE, Solaris)
  • Legacy Business Applications (COBOL, Visual Basic 6, RPG)

Mobile AppSec Testing

Veracode Static Analysis includes scanning and behavioral analysis of both iOS and Android mobile applications. Mobile behavioral analysis provides security teams with a better understanding of insecure application behavior.

For instance, a common risk present in mobile applications is "over-permissioning,” where the app uses more permissions than is necessary (such as reading from address books or accessing the camera), which can lead to the potential for abuse.

Secure Your Software One Line at a Time