Application Protection

Achieve application protection with cloud-based testing tools.

It’s no wonder that application protection is a top priority for many organizations – software applications are the most-attacked part of the security perimeter today. Application protection technology is critical to preventing cyber attackers from stealing sensitive information, interrupting operations and causing damage to your brand and bottom line.

But achieving application security is easier said than done. Application protection technology has traditionally required a steep capital investment, along with an increase in budget for staff resources to maintain hardware and software solutions. Adding app security testing to the software development lifecycle (SDLC) can compromise development timelines, causing a drop in productivity and competitiveness. And when your software portfolio includes hundreds or thousands of applications and websites, it can be hard to even know where to begin when you want to address app security.

That’s where Veracode can help. With a cloud-based suite of application security tools, we make application protection easy, cost-efficient and effective.

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Application protection services from Veracode

At Veracode, we provide a smarter and more scalable approach to application protection. With subscription-based services unified on a powerful, cloud-based platform, we enable you to integrate application security assessment and testing throughout the SDLC and across your entire application portfolio.

Rather than managing expensive on-premise technology, our SaaS-based solution provides on-demand services that lets you scale quickly and easily to meet changing business requirements. Our testing technology is easy to use – developers and security specialists can submit code or applications through our online platform and receive results within a few hours, prioritized by severity of risk for faster and more targeted remediation. And our world-class security experts provide guidance, training and advice on application security best practices to help you establish and maintain an effective program for application protection.

Veracode’s advantages for application protection

When you choose Veracode as your application protection solution, you can count on:

  • Accurate results

    Our static and dynamic analysis security testing provides highly accurate and actionable vulnerability detection, with detailed line-of-code level results so you can spend less time worrying about false positives.

  • Automated processes

    Our services let you integrate application protection and testing technologies at every phase of the SDLC, helping to find and fix vulnerabilities at the most cost-effective point in the process.

  • Accelerated testing timelines

    Our automated binary static analysis is ideal for agile development processes, with 80% of all static scans completed within four hours.

  • Actionable feedback

    With clear test results and expert guidance, our application protection services provide step-by-step information to understand, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities with consistent and repeatable practices.

  • Integrated solutions

    Our services are designed to fit your software development lifecycle via APIs and plug-ins, so your developers never have to interrupt coding to open a separate testing system.


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