Veracode Secure Code Training

Build a security training program that aligns individual learning styles, schedules, and the technical background for everyone in your organization.

Secure Coding Skills for Developers

Developers are curious, creative, and constantly learning. They are proud of their work, and want to keep it safe, but most haven’t been formally trained in security. Existing training materials are lengthy, unengaging, and don’t speak the right language.

We’ve got you covered with all-encompassing training options built specifically for developers. From instant feedback while you’re coding through the Veracode Platform, to automated, peer, and expert guidance, to hands-on training that allows you to exploit real apps, we make AppSec a development no-brainer.

  • Improve productivity by learning how to fix and prevent new security flaws before they get committed to your applications.

  • Get secure code guidance for OWASP Top 10 security vulnerabilities as well as privacy (GDPR) and payment card (PCI) standards in your language of choice.

  • Satisfy security compliance objectives, including PCI 6.5, SOC2, and other common annual training requirements.

  • Choose between self-paced online or instructor-led training.

What You Get

Only 15% of dev teams

participate in formal security training. (Source: ESG)

76% of developers

say security courses weren’t required at their college. (Source: Veracode)

Devs fix 88% more

flaws with security coaching. (Source: Veracode)

Veracode Security Labs

Hands-On Secure Coding Training

Interactive labs that give developers hands-on-keyboard practice they need to learn how to write secure code.

Best for:
Developers, security engineers, and other technical team members who will benefit from practice using real containerized applications, and organizations that desire maximum knowledge retention and engagement.

  • Benefit from short, real-world exercises to gain experience fixing common security vulnerabilities with modern web apps in developers’ preferred programming languages.
  • Master OWASP Top 10 security vulnerabilities and other compliance standards such as GDPR, SOC2, and PCI.
  • Choose predefined training options or customize to cover relevant topics for different development teams.
  • Use leaderboards and certifications to create friendly competition and drive engagement with custom “Capture the Flag” events.

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Veracode eLearning

Self-Paced Online Training

Build the knowledge and skills you need to prevent a potential breach and satisfy compliance requirements with convenient web-based training options through the Veracode Analysis Center or your company’s Learning Management System.

Best for:
Non-technical or technical team members who need to achieve foundational understanding for the theory of security topics.

  • Browse topics of interest to you, watch how-to videos, and test your skills with interactive quizzes.
  • Learn the basics of the OWASP Top 10 security vulnerabilities, and common standards such as GDPR, SOC2, and PCI.
  • Delve into specific techniques for various languages and frameworks, such as Java, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, and Python.
  • Embed into existing Learning Management Systems with SCORM compliance. 

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