Veracode Analysis Center

One Place to Manage Your Entire AppSec Program

When Less Is More

Innovating through software holds many promises, but it can also create some major operational headaches.

Without a holistic approach to application security, teams often lose valuable time onboarding, learning, and managing multiple AppSec tools that don't “play well” together. Various testing methods, metrics, and dashboards provide incomplete views of activity, and security teams often struggle to maintain control and understand overall risk.

Everything, in One Place

Veracode offers a holistic, scalable way to manage security risk across your entire application portfolio.

The Veracode Analysis Center is your master control center, providing visibility into application status across all common testing types in a centralized view.

Find Everything in One Place

  • Manage your entire AppSec program with a single intuitive interface, from starting a scan, to reviewing results, to analyzing program performance over time.

  • Dramatically simplify vendor management challenges by combining five application analysis types in one holistic solution.

  • Gain and maintain a complete view of risk across your application portfolio.

Drive Data-Driven Decisions

  • With access to relevant, timely data via Veracode Analytics, developers can find and fix flaws fast.

  • Make confident decisions that protect your organization and reduce the risk of security breaches.

  • Equip your developers with the training and resources they need to succeed by consistently assessing team performance.

  • Understand the value and impact of each assessment type and guide future investments.

Access Veracode Analytics

Report With Ease

  • Set and consistently track goals that align with business objectives.

  • Capture the right metrics to demonstrate the positive impact of the AppSec program through pre-built dashboards and compelling data visualizations.

  • Keep senior-level executives and board members informed about AppSec vulnerabilities and risks.

Secure Your Software One Line at a Time