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The enterprise today is under constant attack from criminal hackers and other malicious threats. As the enterprise network has become more secure, attackers have turned their attention to the application layer, which now contains 90 percent of all vulnerabilities, according to Gartner. To protect the enterprise, security administrators must perform detailed source code analysis when developing or buying software. Yet a source code security analyzer can be extremely costly — on-premises software solutions are expensive to purchase, deploy and maintain, and they can easily impair development timelines to the point where speed-to-market is compromised. That's why so many leading enterprises are turning to Veracode's highly effective cloud-based service for application security.

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Our Security Analyzer Offers Greater Accuracy and Doesn't Need Source

You may think you need source code and a source code analyzer in order to perform an automated code review, but you don't. The best source code review tools look past the source and inspect the final integrated form that the source code becomes before it runs. Veracode examines the _actual_ code that runs on your deployed systems, including all of the third-party code and libraries that you’ve wrapped your application around. You don’t get the source code for those libraries, but you do inherit the vulnerabilities contained within them. 

Veracode's service is the industry's leading source code security analyzer. Whether you are analyzing applications developed internally or by third parties, Veracode enables you to quickly and cost-effectively scan software for flaws and get actionable source code analysis results. Offering an independent and trusted analysis of the security of your applications, Veracode enables you to better protect your enterprise without sacrificing productivity or profitability. Using an on-demand, Software-as-a-Service source code analysis tool allows you to more easily control costs, paying only for the services you need. And because Veracode scans at the binary level, reviewing compiled or "byte" code rather than source code, you get the most accurate and comprehensive analysis available. All applications, regardless of their origin, can be scanned and reviewed by Veracode. Veracode can even assess third-party software at the binary level, without requiring access to source code. Veracode is simply the most effective solution for source code analysis in the industry today.

Veracode Static Analysis supports all widely-used languages for desktop, web and mobile applications including:

  • Java (Java SE, Java EE, JSP)
  • .NET (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET)
  • Web Platforms: JavaScript (including AngularJS, Node.js, and jQuery), Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion, and Classic ASP
  • Mobile Platforms: iOS (Objective-C and Swift), Android (Java), PhoneGap, Cordova, Titanium, Xamarin
  • C/C++ (Windows, RedHat Linux, OpenSUSE, Solaris)
  • Legacy Business Applications (COBOL, Visual Basic 6, RPG)

Get a Comprehensive Analysis and Improved Accuracy in Code Review

Veracode performs both dynamic (automated penetration test) and static (automated code review) code analysis and finds security vulnerabilities that include malicious code as well as the absence of functionality that may lead to security breaches. For example, Veracode can determine whether sufficient encryption is employed and whether a piece of software contains any application backdoors through hard-coded user names or passwords. Veracode's binary scanning approach produces more accurate testing results, using methodologies developed and continually refined by a team of world-class experts. And because Veracode returns fewer false positives, developers can spend more time remediating problems and less time sifting through non-threats.

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