Security Testing Tools For Mobile Applications

Simplify security testing for mobile applications.

When it comes to security testing for mobile applications, development teams have traditionally faced a tough dilemma. Traditional mobile app testing technologies like manual penetration and dynamic analysis are effective but time-consuming, adding delays and cost to the development process. At a time when demand for mobile apps is high, bringing mobile apps to market quickly is the key to staying competitive, and security testing for mobile applications tends to work against aggressive timelines. Yet software testing is critical to ensuring that mobile apps meet the expectations of users in terms of functionality and security.

Automated code testing solutions may be the answer. Where traditional techniques for testing web applications and mobile apps require a lot of time from developers, automated testing tools ask for far less involvement. Automated tools can be integrated throughout the development lifecycle, remediating flaws as they arise or at the point in the process where it’s most cost-effective to fix them. With the right security testing tool for mobile applications, development teams can easily increase security while also accelerating timelines to get products to market faster.

Security testing with Veracode solutions.

Veracode provides a suite of cloud-based solutions for security testing for applications, built on a unified platform that simplifies the management of application security testing.

Combining automation, process, and speed, Veracode’s SaaS-based services seamlessly integrate security into development and improve security testing for applications without requiring additional staff or equipment.

With Veracode, you can:

  • Automate testing to improve security.
  • Resolve issues faster with highly accurate scans that reduce or eliminate false positives.
  • Implement security testing for applications more effectively with help from Veracode’s security experts.
  • Comply with regulatory frameworks that require code on applications to be reviewed for vulnerabilities.
  • Simplify management of application testing with a comprehensive suite of tools unified on a single cloud platform.

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