Mobile App Testing: Vulnerability Assessment Tool

Secure mobile applications with superior mobile app testing

As you work to ensure the security of your mobile applications, the right mobile app testing solutions can help reduce cost and speed development.

The demand for mobile apps continues to grow at a rapid pace, and mobile internet usage has long surpassed desktop usage. Competition in the mobile space is fierce, and bringing new and updated apps to market quickly is paramount. But in an aggressive development process, it can be difficult to maintain or improve the security of mobile apps – especially when traditional solutions for mobile app testing tend to slow development and add additional cost.

Automated software testing solutions can help by minimizing the staff time required for testing web applications, and by injecting security into every stage of the mobile app development lifecycle. For an application testing solution that offers multiple techniques for automated code testing, consider the suite of application security testing tools from Veracode.

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Benefits of mobile app testing technology

With application testing tools, you can:

  • Test apps at the appropriate depth. Testing tools address the full range of use cases for application security, providing fast automated scans for simple applications and deep scans of the entire ecosystem for applications that handle personal financial or healthcare information, for example.
  • Get highly accurate results. Our scanning technology has assessed more than 8 trillion lines of code in 15 languages and 50 frameworks and is constantly improving with every assessment.
  • Rely on expert help to improve application testing. Veracode’s support team can help you determine how best to integrate security into your development chain.
  • Comply with regulations more easily. Testing technology enables you to demonstrate compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA and other risk frameworks and security standards.

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