Automated Penetration Testing Tools

Increase application security with automated penetration testing tools.

Automated penetration testing tools can be an invaluable part of your web application security toolkit. Web applications have become the #1 attack vector, and automated penetration testing tools can help to prevent the kind of security breach that brings negative headlines, legal headaches and significant financial damages.

Manual web app penetration testing has long been a core component of application security. During these tests, security professionals deliberately try to find vulnerabilities in applications, enabling development teams to remediate issues before hackers can exploit them. While it is highly effective, manual web application penetration testing is also highly time-consuming and costly, limiting its viability and scalability.

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Automated penetration testing tools can help to integrate penetration testing into the software development lifecycle more cost-effectively. Automated penetration testing tools may still be monitored by security professionals, but these automated web testing tools enable far more applications to be scanned in less time, bringing down costs and avoiding delays in development deadlines.

Automated penetration testing tools from Veracode

As a global leader in application security solutions, Veracode provides automated penetration testing tools as part of a unified, cloud-based testing platform. By offering automated penetration testing as an on-demand service, Veracode lets you avoid the cost of an on-premises solution and the need for additional staff resources to manage it.

Veracode’s automated penetration testing tools include Veracode Web Application Scanning, a website vulnerability scanner that runs lightweight, non-authenticated scans on thousands of web applications in parallel to quickly identify highly exploitable vulnerabilities like those found in the OWASP Top 10 and CWE/SANS Top 25. This solution then performs a comprehensive deep scan, using both authenticated and non-authenticated scans to identify vulnerabilities in critical applications. These automated penetration testing tools search for and identify attack vectors that include cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, information leakage and insufficiently protected credentials.

Benefits of Veracode’s automated penetration testing tools

With automated penetration testing tools from Veracode, you can:

  • Manage all testing on a single platform. Veracode’s unified, cloud-based platform offers comprehensive testing tools, including static testing and dynamic testing, as well as tests for open source vulnerabilities and flaws in third-party software.
  • Integrate testing throughout the SDLC. Veracode lets you seamlessly integrate application testing into all stages of development, from inception through production.
  • Get prioritized results quickly. Veracode returns test results prioritized by severity of the threat and ease of fix, enabling your team to work quickly to remediate the most dangerous flaws.
  • Scale testing easily. With Veracode, you can scale from testing a single piece of code to scanning thousands of applications.

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