Open Source Vulnerabilities

Open source vulnerabilities create serious risks.

While open source software offers many benefits to enterprises and development teams, open source vulnerabilities pose significant risks to application security.

Many development teams rely on open source software to accelerate delivery of digital innovation. Both traditional and agile development processes frequently incorporate pre-built, reusable open source software components. But most open source software is not subject to the same level of scrutiny as software that is custom developed. In fact, in a 2014 analysis of more than 5,300 enterprise applications, researchers determined that open source components introduced an average of 24 known vulnerabilities into each web application. Many of these open source vulnerabilities could potentially expose an organization to threats such as malware injections, data breaches and Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks.

To address the risk of open source vulnerabilities in the software supply chain, groups such as PCI, OWASP and FS-ISAC now have specific controls and policy in place to govern the use of open source components. But for global enterprises with multiple and vast repositories of code, identifying all the applications where open source vulnerabilities may exist can be difficult.

That’s where Veracode comes in. With automated web testing services that allows enterprises to quickly identify every application with vulnerable components, Veracode makes it easy to address open source vulnerabilities and continue realizing the benefits of open source software.

Everything You Need to Know About Open Source Risk

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Identify and fix open source vulnerabilities with Veracode.

In a software-driven world, Veracode is a leading provider of solutions that deliver application security for enterprises worldwide. Veracode’s unified platform provides a comprehensive suite of automated penetration testing tools and source code scanners that enable organizations and development teams to embed security throughout the development process, from inception through production. From Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST) and a website vulnerability scanner to Ruby penetration testing and manual web app penetration testing, Veracode provides all the tools you need to find and fix vulnerabilities faster and more affordably.

Veracode’s solution for remediating open source vulnerabilities.

Veracode Software Composition Analysis helps to build an inventory of open source components and identify open source vulnerabilities. Veracode’s cloud-based platform scans software to identify both open source vulnerabilities and flaws in proprietary code with the same scan, providing greater visibility into security across the entire application landscape. When news breaks about new open source vulnerabilities, Veracode helps you quickly identify which applications in your organization are vulnerable, saving time as you plan for remediation. During the mitigation process, Veracode’s team of experts supports your people, processes and technology, and coaches your engineers on secure coding practices and ways to manage mitigation and remediation.

Learn more about addressing open source vulnerabilities with Veracode, and about Veracode’s web application penetration testing tools.

Software Composition Analysis

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