Web App Penetration Testing

Achieve compliance with manual web app penetration testing.

Web app penetration testing is a key security requirement for a variety of regulatory frameworks, from PCI DSS and GLBA to HIPAA and FISMA. Many companies mistakenly assume that automated penetration testing tools can fulfill these requirements. But in truth, no automated vulnerability scanning solution can find every type of vulnerability or satisfy every regulatory requirement. Certain kinds of authorization issues or business logic flaws will only show up during manual web application penetration testing.

As demand for web app penetration testing has increased, finding skilled testers has become more difficult and expensive. For organizations seeking an affordable and highly accurate web app penetration testing solution, Veracode has the answer.

Reduce Your Risk From Open Source Components

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Web app penetration testing from Veracode

Veracode Manual Penetration Testing services are a key component of Veracode’s Application Security Platform. With a proven process that ensures high customer satisfaction, Veracode’s web app penetration testing services find vulnerabilities in web, desktop, mobile, backend and IoT applications. Veracode combines results from manual penetration testing and automated code testing, assessing both results against your corporate policy. Veracode testing focuses on identifying issues that require the insight of a manual tester and provide results that can be easily digested by both development teams and auditors, including attack simulations that detail how malicious individuals could exploit a vulnerability.

Using highly skilled testers and standardized testing processes, Veracode’s web app penetration testing ensures consistency and reduces cost by scanning applications with automated testing procedures first and then using manual testing to find flaws that automated scans won’t reveal. Veracode’s manual penetration tests typically find open source vulnerabilities in nearly 75% of applications that violate the OWASP Top 10.

Integrating web app penetration testing with other scanning technologies

Typical web app penetration testing results are often delivered by spreadsheet or PDF, making it difficult to integrate with testing data from other technologies. With Veracode, results are integrated into Veracode’s Policy Manager and Analytics, providing a comprehensive pass/fail report across all test results. Penetration testing results can also be made available through APIs for integration into Jira, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Archer and other external systems.

In addition to web applications, Veracode can test mobile, backend, desktop and IoT applications and review findings with developers and security teams to help them better comprehend the results and develop a plan for remediation.

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