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Get the latest on SQL injection with an SQL cheat sheet.

SQL injection, also known as SQL insertion, is a dangerous vulnerability that is highly prevalent in enterprise web applications. While SQL injection in Java and other languages ranks high on the OWASP Top 10, preventing this flaw is a fairly simple fix – especially with help from an SQL cheat sheet from Veracode.

Veracode’s SQL cheat sheet: everything you need to know about SQL injection.

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Veracode application security testing services help developers to test for vulnerabilities like SQL injection throughout the software developer lifecycle. Combining comprehensive testing methodologies – including static analyses, dynamic analysis and web vulnerability scanners – Veracode’s testing services make it easy to improve application security without slowing development timelines.

Our SQL cheat sheet offers a detailed look at this wide-spread threat and includes recommendations for ways to avoid and prevent it. When you download the SQL cheat sheet, you’ll discover:

  • The anatomy of an SQL injection attack, including the research an attacker performs to plan an attack and how an attack is carried out using carefully crafted SQL statements.
  • How attackers can exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities to control application behavior, to alter data in a database without authorization, and to gain unauthorized access to data.
  • Ways to defend against SQL injection – the SQL cheat sheet suggests ways to avoid and repair SQL vulnerabilities, remediate flaws in legacy systems, and mitigate the impact of an SQL attack by enforcing least privilege on the database.


In addition to the SQL cheat sheet, Veracode offers comprehensive testing technologies that can help to identify and remediate vulnerabilities like SQL injection. Our offerings include:

  • Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST) - a consistent, high-quality testing service that lets developers submit code for review and receive results quickly, usually within four hours. Veracode Static Analysis is an automated process for testing microservices, mobile, web and desktop applications. Results are returned prioritized by severity and with a remediation plan that provides step-by-step guidance for developers.
  • Web Application Scanning– a service that continuously scans all public-facing websites and applications to identify vulnerabilities, providing developers with a list of issues and recommendations for resolving them most quickly and cost-effectively.

Learn more about SQL injection with an SQL cheat sheet from Veracode, or learn more about Veracode solutions for protecting software containers.

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