SQL Injection in Java

Combating SQL injection in Java applications.

SQL injection in Java web applications continues to be a significant threat to enterprise security. The reason: a Java SQL injection is remarkably easy to pull off, yet many companies do not have adequate technology in place to prevent it.

Attackers can initiate an SQL injection in Java by getting an application to include malicious commands in an SQL query of the database. Typically, attackers enter SQL commands into a web form field – if the application doesn’t properly validate this untrusted data, it may be added to SQL commands that are executed by the application’s database. As a result, malicious actors may be able to gain access to the database in order to view, steal, manipulate or damage data, or to set themselves up as an administrator.

While stopping an SQL injection in Java is relatively easy, most companies fail to put protective measures in place. A simple Java, .NET or PHP SQL injection test can quickly find vulnerabilities in most applications, but these tests must be applied frequently and consistently across the software portfolio.

As a leading provider of application security solutions for enterprises worldwide, Veracode offers automated testing technology that can help to effectively prevent SQL injection in Java applications.

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Preventing SQL injection in Java programs with Veracode.

Veracode’s industry-leading application security services help development and IT teams to embed security throughout the SDLC and software procurement processes. We offer a comprehensive suite of testing technologies that enable you to test for SQL injection Java vulnerabilities at the places in the development process where it is most effective and cost-efficient. From inception through coding, assembly and deployment, Veracode’s SaaS-based services make testing quick and easy, allowing developers to focus on innovation rather than on learning new testing technologies.

Veracode’s cloud-based services for avoiding SQL injection in Java applications.

At Veracode, we offer several technologies for agile and DevOps testing that help to prevent SQL injection in Java applications.

  • Veracode Static Analysis performs automated scans on compiled binaries to seek out vulnerabilities that may enable SQL injection in Java script. Because this testing technology does not require source code, it is ideally suited to scanning third-party software for security attestation.
  • Veracode Web Application Scanning is a web application monitoring technology that finds and scans all public-facing websites and applications, identifying vulnerabilities and providing a list of flaws prioritized by severity.

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