Web Application Monitoring

Improve security with web application monitoring

Web application monitoring solutions are quickly becoming an essential part of application security.

Your organization increasingly relies on web and mobile applications for a wide variety of business-critical tasks. Yet these apps typically aren’t built for maximum-security. Accelerated development cycles increase the chances that design and coding errors in web applications get missed, and many apps are built with hybrid code from multiple sources with little visibility into which components may have critical vulnerabilities.

Web application monitoring tools can help to improve security by identifying vulnerabilities before attackers can. But traditional approaches to web app monitoring are expensive and time-consuming. Most vulnerability scanning tools can’t scale to assess all applications, leaving large areas of vulnerability.  And integrating web application monitoring tools into the software development lifecycle is a challenge, since most solutions hinder the agility and innovation your development teams rely on.

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Web application monitoring with Veracode

Veracode meets the web application monitoring challenge with a solution that automates monitoring and reduces cost while dramatically streamlining security management.

Veracode Web Application Scanning is a unified solution for identifying, securing and monitoring all web applications. Veracode’s web application monitoring tool begins by inventorying all your web applications – not just the ones you are aware of. In fact, with most customers, Veracode finds 30% to 40% more websites than companies thought they had.

Next, Veracode performs a lightweight scan to find critical vulnerabilities and help you prioritize the risks that need the most attention. Finally, Veracode’s monitoring solution runs authenticated scans on your most critical applications to systematically reduce risk while monitoring your security posture and injecting greater security into your software development lifecycle.

Advantages of Veracode’s web application monitoring solution

When you choose web application monitoring from Veracode, you get a single platform that offers multiple scanning technologies, unified results and greater accuracy. In addition to web application monitoring, Veracode’s platform include solutions for dynamic and static testing, software composition analysis, and third party security assessment.

Veracode also offers experts in program management and application security who can help you analyze your inventory of websites and the vulnerabilities they contain, define policies and repeatable processes to improve security, and report and communicate application risk through ongoing benchmarking and security recommendations.

Veracode’s web application monitoring can be invaluable during the M&A process, identifying legacy websites that should be shut down or secured or assessing another company’s security as part of the due diligence process.

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