Protect Patient Data and Secure Your Success With Veracode

Your Healthcare Records Are High-Value Targets

You’re buying, building, and using more software than ever before. In this new reality, motivated attackers work to exploit vulnerabilities in applications and gain access to personal health information – known to be 50 times more valuable than financial data on the black market.

You need a holistic AppSec solution that streamlines secure software development and assesses third-party applications, providing measurable risk reduction and helping you meet compliance requirements with confidence.

What Can Happen Without Proper AppSec


from security breaches, putting patient health and safety at risk.

Costly fines

and loss of trust from not complying with regulations.

Unplanned work

that disrupts release cycles as you manage a breach crisis.

With Veracode...

Start Scanning on Day One

We’ve built and managed some of the world’s largest AppSec programs, and understand your need for speed. Our cloud-native platform enables customers to get up and running quickly – so you can rapidly reduce software risk.

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Find and Fix Flaws Faster

Finding flaws is not enough. You need to fix them so that you can create secure software. Prioritize vulnerabilities with “fix first” recommendations and get developer access to automated advice, the Veracode Community, and secure code reviewers.

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Achieve Compliance and Ease Reporting

Assess applications across multiple regulatory requirements (GDPR, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, 201 CMR 17.00, GLBA, and CCPA) to demonstrate compliance, while meeting rapid development objectives. Simplify complex results from multiple testing methods and gain centralized visibility into gaps across the organization.

Report With Ease

Simplify AppSec Management and Measurement

Our program management teams help accelerate your programs so you don’t have to hire experts on your team. With comprehensive program analytics, you can define clear goals, track reliable metrics, and demonstrate the positive impact of the AppSec program to key stakeholders.

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Get the Services You Need to Succeed

We’re committed to making secure software your competitive advantage. Veracode Customer Success Packages offer expert guidance, technical support, and actionable best practices to help you do just that.

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