Policy and Reporting

Define AppSec Policies and Measure Compliance

Does This Application Comply With Company Policy?

When security and development teams aren’t on the same page about goals, it’s hard to get an AppSec program off the ground.

Making sense of lengthy reports from multiple application analysis types and tools often leaves teams with more questions than answers. And without the ability to report against multiple standards in tandem, security teams are left scrambling to prepare for audits.

AppSec Governance Made Simple

With Veracode’s policy management and reporting, security teams can set clear goals for software security, report on progress, and guide development teams on what to fix. An easy, scalable process for assessing applications across multiple standards helps simplify audits and provides centralized visibility into gaps across the organization.

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Set Clear Security Goals for Development

Set clear goals from the start, such as risk reduction and compliance with internal policies, contractual requirements, laws, and regulations. Empower confident decision-making. With defined policies, developers know exactly which issues to fix and what to ignore. Scale security requirements over time as your program matures.

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Make Compliance Audits Easy

Get one clear report that looks across major analysis types with a clear pass/fail result based on previously defined criteria, which can be reported into the company’s GRC system. Understand the root cause so you can take decisive action. Assess against new security policies without rescanning the application.

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Define Service-Level Agreements

Define policy rules around how often development teams need to scan and how quickly they need to fix certain security defects. Eliminate confusion and unnecessary work, and unify security and development processes.

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Use Standard Policies or Customize

Use Veracode’s standard policies for major compliance regulations, such as OWASP, SANS Top 25, and PCI. As your AppSec program matures, fully customize policies to meet your specific requirements. Apply several policies to the same application profile, if required.

Secure Your Software One Line at a Time