Veracode Analytics

Data-Driven Decisions for AppSec Success

Most Tools Provide Data but Not Insights

To make informed, confident decisions about building and managing your AppSec program, you need the right data.

Yet many AppSec tools fail to provide actionable insights, and many teams struggle to measure and report on program outcomes, and effectively plan for the future.

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Make Decisions Based on Facts

Veracode Analytics helps organizations make data-driven decisions for AppSec program success.

It provides security professionals with robust, centralized data across assessment types, with a focus on successful strategies. These insights empower developers to ship secure code quickly by encouraging successful remediation skills across teams. Best of all, Veracode Analytics is included in your license!

Optimize Security Efforts

With relevant, timely data, developers can find security-related defects early in the SDLC, when they are the easiest and cheapest to fix.

Identify skills gaps by assessing team performance and equip developers with the personalized remediation training they need to succeed.

Quantify how remediation skills translate to overall risk reduction, and promote cross-team collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Demonstrate AppSec Program Success

Effectively measure and report on progress through pre-built dashboards and data visualizations.

Gain executive support for new or extended use cases.

Benchmark program success against similar organizations in your industry, so you know where you stand.

Guide Future Security Investments

Ensure software innovation and security go hand-in-hand: ramp up quickly, see value on day one, demonstrate compliance with regulations, and easily scale over time.

Gain a centralized view of metrics across Veracode offerings to understand the value and impact of each assessment type.

Make informed decisions about where to scale up or throttle back to achieve business goals and maximize risk reduction.

Secure Your Software One Line at a Time