The Veracode Continuous Software Security Platform 

Your Entire Application Security Program in a Single Platform

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Everything You Need in One Place

The Veracode Continuous Software Security Platform contains all of the application security testing types you need in one place – static analysis, dynamic analysis, software composition analysis, and manual penetration testing – ensuring that you have a comprehensive view of your risk from design through deployment.

Bringing Security and Development Teams Together.

Development teams can find flaws quickly with integrated and automated scans continuously running throughout the entire software development life cycle. Fixes are just as fast with contextual learning and real-time remediation guidance.

Security teams can build a successful DevSecOps program with unified reporting, flexible policy management, streamlined governance, risk management, and compliance. With a clear picture of the entire security posture, security teams can mitigate risks quickly and easily meet regulatory needs.

[The Veracode platform] helps us fix vulnerabilities quicker, reinforce our security policies, and it even helps our decision making. It gives us indicators that help us to see our evolution in the maturity of our development teams. Veracode helps us guarantee that the solutions we develop for our clients are secure.


Ricardo Lima

Security Specialist, Alelo

What's Included

Continuous Scanning

Veracode Static Analysis

Secure the Software You Create at Each Stage of Development

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Veracode Software Composition Analysis

Detect Open-Source Vulnerabilities With Higher Accuracy

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Veracode Dynamic Analysis

Identify Runtime Vulnerabilities in Web Apps and APIs

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Veracode Discovery

Manage Your Web Attack Surface

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Veracode Manual Penetration Testing

Catch Elusive Vulnerabilities, Meet Compliance, and Deliver Secure Applications

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Frictionless Development

Veracode Security Labs

Contextual Developer Learning to Shift Security Knowledge Left

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Veracode Security Labs Community Edition

Contextual Developer Learning to Improve Your Secure Coding Know-How

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Veracode eLearning

Building Confidence in Software Security

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DevSecOps Programs

Veracode Analysis Center

One Place to Manage Your Entire Software Security Program

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Veracode Customer Success Packages

Build, Mature, and Scale Impactful Software Security Programs

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Secure your code. One line at a time.

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