Web Pen Testing

Web pen testing: a critical component of application security.

Web penetration testing, or web pen testing, is an important part of ensuring that applications are free of vulnerabilities that could lead to serious security breaches. Web pen testing is essential to application security because an automated Internet security test simply cannot find every type of vulnerability.

Web pen testing is a typically a manual endeavor, with skilled penetration testers seeking to exploit weaknesses in software in the same way that cyber criminals do. As a manual procedure, penetration testing can be expensive and time-consuming. Where automated web scanning techniques can return results within hours, it may take weeks to complete web pen testing on a single application, and as a result, many organizations do not take advantage of the benefits of this application security technology.

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Web pen testing with Veracode.

As a leading provider of cloud-based security testing services, Veracode offers a web pen testing service that is faster and more cost-efficient than other penetration testing offerings. Our on-demand service combines automated scanning technology with best-in-class manual web pen testing to find flaws and vulnerabilities in web, desktop, mobile, IOT and backend applications. Using standardized testing processes to ensure consistency, we scan applications with automated technologies first and then proceed with manual web pen testing to find flaws that automated scans can’t identify.

Our web pen testing services are part of a comprehensive suite of testing solutions that help to significantly increase application security. Our services can be used seamlessly with the C integrated development environment and other IDEs, enabling developers to submit code for review without having to open a new environment. With the ability to test code at any point during the software development lifecycle, IT security administrators move past the network security firewall as the principal defense against threats and use secure coding practices to protect software from the inside out.

Regulatory compliance and web pen testing.

Veracode’s web pen testing services can help organizations comply with PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA and other regulatory frameworks that require manual penetration testing. With a team of highly talented web pen testing specialists, Veracode can review findings with developers and security team members to help them understand the results and develop a plan for remediating issues.

Veracode web pen testing is managed through the Veracode Application Security Platform, enabling penetration testing results to be integrated with reporting from other testing services.

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